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Halo 3: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori




One Final Effort


No More Dead Heroes


Gravemind is the nineteenth track (Disc 2 Track 4) included in Halo 3: Original Soundtrack, and plays in the Halo 3 campaign level The Covenant. It is composed of Gravemind (0:00-1:50), Fated Journey (1:50-3:36), Flee (3:36-4:07), and Familiar Ring (4:07-5:22).



Gravemind (1:50) opens with different variations of eerie digital chimes. It goes on for nearly a minute, which then transitions into the intense, electrically-generated siren-like sounds from the track Shadows (from Halo: Original Soundtrack). It is joined by a reversed message. This section plays when John-117 and Thel 'Vadam escape from the Flood after the latter has killed the Prophet of Truth in the Installation 00 Citadel.

Fated Journey[edit]

Fated Journey (1:46) opens with a reprise of the vocals from Black Tide. However, the strings followed, playing slowly and building tension with the vocals until the high strings strike a sharp chord followed by numerous high-pitched notes. The low strings quickly take over with a somber rendition of the five-note E Dorian melody (from the earlier track Finish the Fight). The piece plays during the cinematic in which John-117 and 'Vadam has reached the final platform in the Citadel, where 'Vadam kills Truth and John-117 deactivates the firing sequence of the Halo Array. It ends with the music that plays over the scene in which Avery Johnson carries Miranda Keyes into the D77H-TCI Pelican.


Flee (0:31) interrupts the previous piece with a short but intense percussion solo. The abruptness matches with the cinematic, as the Gravemind suddenly turns on John-117 and 'Vadam after the duo has prevented the activation of the Halo rings.

Familiar Ring[edit]

Familiar Ring (1:15) begins with a rendition of the opening chant in the Halo Theme. The vocals take the lead, with strings playing in the background. The piece ends with the vocals singing a variation based on the melody, rising before fading out, quickly followed by the strings. The piece plays in the ending cinematic of the level, in which John-117 and 'Vadam discover Installation 08, and the name alludes to the ring being a replacement of Installation 04.

Hidden Message[edit]

As in the cases of Destroyer's Invocation from Mausoleum Suite, Dread Intrusion, and Black Tower, when Gravemind is played backwards, a voice similar to the Gravemind can be heard. It is identical to the one heard in Dread Intrusion, and says:

Side by side, we march as one.
Humans and Elites will die.
The Earth will fall if we strike together.
So forth shall all of life.