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This is Our Land


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This is Our Land is the ninth track (Disc 1 Track 9) included in Halo 3: Original Soundtrack, and plays during the Halo 3 campaign level The Storm. It is composed of This Is Our Land (0:00-1:39), To Turn a Tide (1:39-3:19), and Innocents of Voi (3:19-4:00).


This is Our Land[edit]

This is Our Land (1:39) begins with the low strings playing a rearrangement of its part from Brothers in Arms (from Halo: Original Soundtrack) in repeat. Vocals enter with a reprise of the opening of the previous track Out of Shadow, followed by high strings echoing its ambiance. The low strings fade out, followed by the other instruments, and digital effects enter to transition to the next section. The piece plays in the beginning of the level, when John-117's convoy enters Voi.

To Turn a Tide[edit]

To Turn a Tide (1:40) begins with heavy low strings playing a heavy melody, complemented by a heavy percussive beats. Soft vocals sing in the background, with high strings joining to play a second melody. As low string melody plays in different variations, the high strings melody smooths out in legato, and both melodies repeat several times before fading out. The piece plays in full when John-117 joins Marines in launching the assault on the Ogab'd-pattern anti-aircraft Wraiths in the second lake bed. The piece then reprises in the form of the earlier track To Kill a Demon, a low strings only version of the piece, when Thel 'Vadam arrives on a D77H-TCI Pelican to join John-117 and venture deeper into Traxus Factory Complex 09. The high strings melody also plays in the level Halo, when John-117 and 'Vadam climbed the pyramid to the control room.

Innocents of Voi[edit]

Innocents of Voi (0:41) enters with high tempo percussive beats, with a focus on metal percussion instruments playing over muted drum beats to create a feeling of urgency. The piece plays in the second chapter of the level, "Judgment", during the fight with the Deutoros-pattern Scarab.