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Halo 3: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori






Luck is the first track (Disc 1 Track 1) of the Halo 3: Original Soundtrack and plays during the Halo 3 campaign level Arrival.

The music starts with a light melody of wind instruments and high strings, later joined by the choir. The melody repeats, with the choir The melody then comes to a dramatic climax. Low strings take over, playing a somber melody. High strings and vocals return to join in together for a hopeful melody. Unaccompanied, the high strings plays the five-note E Dorian melody in legato - the melody was featured prominent as part of Finish the Fight, which was played during the Halo 3 announcement trailer. Near the end, woodwind once again takes the melody, which, after a climax of dissonant strings, is replaced by the distinctive five-note E Dorian melody, this time played in piano chords.

The opening wind instruments and high strings were later featured in the track Legend.

The name alludes to Cortana's opening dialogue regarding John-117's exceptional luck.