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No More Dead Heroes

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Not to be confused with Enough Dead Heroes.
No More Dead Heroes


Halo 3: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori






Keep What You Steal


No More Dead Heroes is the twentieth track (Disc 2 Track 5) included in Halo 3: Original Soundtrack, and plays in the Halo 3 campaign level Cortana. It is composed of No More Dead Heroes (0:00-1:41) and Watching (1:41-5:01).


No More Dead Heroes[edit]

No More Dead Heroes (1:41) is a full rearrangement of the third section from the track Enough Dead Heroes (from Halo: Original Soundtrack), which is also its namesake. The piece is distinguished from the original piece with larger focus on woodwinds and strings sections. The piece plays in the opening cutscene, when John-117 arrives at the Flood-infested wreckage of High Charity, and continues into the opening gameplay sequence of the level.


Watching (3:20) is composed of two sections. The first section features eerie ambiance with synth notes faintly playing the main melody of Weight of Failure (from Prologue in Halo 2: Original Soundtrack) in a slow tempo, which ends with a reprise of the ambiance heard in the opening of the earlier track Dread Intrusion before its reversed message. This section plays when John-117 first arrives at the area with the D77H-TCI Pelican after dropping down from a porta on the floor, and continues until he got past the Flood-infested bridge of a CAS-class assault carrier. The second section features percussion from the track Overcome (from the earlier track Behold a Pale Horse) with vocals and strings in the background, with the piece ending on a suspenseful note. The section plays when John-117 enters the the reactor room and continues until he reaches hallway outside the Sanctum of the Hierarchs. The suspenseful strings and vocals are triggered by the green Cortana effect.

Production notes[edit]

The CD booklet erroneously listed the duration of the piece Watching as 30 seconds long when it is in fact 3 minutes 20 seconds long. In the CD release, the song's metadata lists the title as "No More Dead Heros".