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This article is about the Halo 2 soundtrack. For the Halo 4 campaign level, see Prologue.


Halo 2: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori






Cairo Suite


Prologue is the first track in Halo 2: Original Soundtrack, Volume 2. It is composed of Rising (0:00-0:20), Cloistered Expectancy (0:20-0:45), and Weight of Failure (0:45-2:35).



Rising (0:20) features electric guitar played by Steve Vai over the music from Opening Suite of Halo: Original Soundtrack.[1] The pieces plays over the Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie logo sequence of Halo 2.

Cloistered Expectancy[edit]

Cloistered Expectancy (0:25) is the Halo 2 rendition of the Gregorian chant from the Halo Theme. It plays in the main menu of Halo 2, and was incorporated into Ghosts of Reach and The Last Spartan.

Weight of Failure[edit]

Weight of Failure (1:50) features somber low strings and plays during cinematic of the level The Heretic. Variations of the piece are incorporated into Destroyer's Invocation (from Mausoleum Suite), Cortege (from Sacred Icon Suite), and Great Journey (from Finale). A high-tempo variation was incorporated into the second section of Ghost of Reach, and subsequently appeared in its Halo 3 rendition Black Tide in Dread Intrusion. The piece was rearranged into Second Prelude in Halo 2: Anniversary Original Soundtrack. The theme was incorporated into the following tracks from the later games:


Weight of Failure is commonly known as the "Arbiter's Theme" due to its appearance in scenes featuring Thel 'Vadam and the title's allusion to his defeat at Battle of Installation 04.


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