Epilogue (Halo 2)

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This article is about the Halo 2 soundtrack. For other uses, see Epilogue.


Halo 2: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori






Epilogue is the twelfth and final track from the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume 2.

It runs for 3:49 and contains the scores "Epilogue", "Beholden", and "Road to Voi" which run for 1:03, 2:19 and 0:27 respectively.

American musician John Mayer played the guitar part in "Epilogue", but his involvement was kept a secret by Martin O'Donnell until the 2014 documentary Remaking the Legend. According to O'Donnell, there was no contractual agreement, and neither Microsoft or Mayer's agent were aware of his contribution. Mayer wanted to keep it a secret and only so he could tell his friends he was featured in the game. The name of the final section, "Road to Voi", serves as a hint that Halo 3 would have content related to Voi. The whole soundtrack was played in the ending credits in Halo 2.