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This article is about the soundtrack. For the species, see Jiralhanae.


Halo 3: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori




Last of the Brave


Out of Shadow


Brutes is the sixth track (Disc 1 Track 6) in Halo 3: Original Soundtrack, and plays during the Halo 3 campaign level Crow's Nest. It is composed of Brutes (0:00-0:35), Lost (0:35-2:29), Dream Again (2:29-3:59), and We're Done Here (3:59-5:07).



Brutes (0:35) is a rearrangement of the climatic second section of Enough Dead Heroes (from Halo: Original Soundtrack. The piece plays during the battle with the Jiralhanae in the Crow's Nest barracks.


Lost (1:54) begins with quiet ambiance, when a new melody is introduced by a high synth/wind note, with percussion joining in. This melody is gradually replaced by dissonant string notes and choral voices, similar to Veins of Stone (from Sacred Icon Suite in Halo 2: Original Soundtrack), albeit slower. The piece plays when John-117 takes the elevator outside the barracks, and during the ensuing fight against Jiralhanae Jumpers. Lost was reprised in Overcome (from the later track Behold a Pale Horse).

Dream Again[edit]

Dream Again (1:30) is a rearrangement of its namesake, Perchance to Dream (from Halo Original Soundtrack), with louder synth notes and the addition of vocals. This gradually fades out. The piece plays in the service tunnel leading to the motor pool, where the John-117 encounters Unggoy on Pek-pattern plasma cannons.

We’re Done Here[edit]

We're Done Here (1:08) features electronic sounds and muted percussion at a faster tempo. The electronic sounds plays a melody which has incorporated the "Halo 2 monk theme" from Delta Halo Suite. High strings return and the piece ends. The piece plays while John-117 flees from Crow's Nest after arming the bomb, and is alluded by the name of the piece.