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Under Cover of Night

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Under Cover of Night


Halo: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori




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What Once was Lost


Under Cover of Night is the tenth track in Halo: Original Soundtrack.


The music consists of a slow synth melody with a more complicated bass line interweaved. The melody continues with a variation before entering a bridge to the original melody. There are no drums in the music until the initial melody enters, before which the bass provides the rhythm. After the equalized drum beat is added, occasional chants can be heard. The piece ends with a drum solo.


The track can be heard:


It was arranged into the following:

Production notes[edit]

  • The piece was primarily written by Martin O'Donnell with additions from Michael Salvatori.[1] O'Donnell first developed the opening chord progression with the piece being a "mood groove" in mind. O'Donnell sang vocal improvisation while listening to the track, then selected and added reverb to the sections he liked.[2]
  • The soundtrack appeared as an Easter egg in Halo 3 on the multiplayer map High Ground. It is sometimes heard playing from the radio at the large base.
  • Under Cover of Night and its versions have almost always appeared in relation to a Keyes. The Halo: Combat Evolved appearances appear near a mention or focus of Captain Keyes. Every post-Combat Evolved appearance directly features Miranda, or invokes her (In Amber Clad). In Homecoming, the music plays in a scene where Miranda's mother appears.