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Forge is a multiplayer gameplay mode in Halo 3 that allows players to create map variants by re-arranging the objects in a map. There are many useful tricks and glitches in Forge that allow mapmakers to perform very useful tasks and create very interesting maps; several of these techniques are detailed below. In Halo: Reach many of these tricks will be unneeded as the Floating and Interlocking features will be include in the game.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Unlimited Money Exploit[edit]

As the name implies, the Unlimited Money Exploit is a glitch that allows players to completely circumvent the object limits imposed by Forge's budget system.

Method A[edit]

To perform this exploit, first buy one of every object you plan on using. Set each object aside, press X while hovering on it, and set the Run-Time Maximum to one value higher than the amount of the object placed on the map. Now, you can freely place as many of this object as you want, and the Run-Time Maximum will automatically increment with each new object.

Please note that once you've used up your entire "normal" budget, your budget will start going negative. If, after your budget goes negative, you delete an object after having placed the maximum amount of that object, then you will have to redo the glitch to place more of that object. To redo the glitch, you will have to delete enough objects to get your budget back up to a usable amount. If you don't need an item, set it aside until you're completely finished with your map and you know you no longer need it; then delete it. (A good idea is to set up a "trash bin" to sling objects into if unneeded.)

There is a way to retrieve items that you have lost. These methods include:

  1. Saving the map variant
  2. Ending the game
  3. Starting the game
  4. Changing the Run-Time Maximum of the object to 1 higher than the number on the map.
  5. Carrying on with the map

Method B[edit]

It is possible for two players to cooperate and budget glitch a map without placing one of every item on the map—in other words, it is possible to have a budget-glitched canvas map. The method was discovered before August 27, 2008, by players with the gamertags "BuddhaCrane" and "TheCartographer".[1] The players shall be called Person A and Person B; a Grav Lift shall be used as an example of the item to be glitched. The glitch may be conducted over Live or on Local. A guest profile may be used.

  1. Person A should open the spawn menu and navigate to Grav Lift. They should hover over it, and press X to open its summary.
  2. Person B should spawn a Grav Lift.
  3. After Person B has spawned the Grav Lift, its Run-Time Maximum will change from 0 to 1.
  4. Person A should hover over Run-Time Maximum and press A to select it.
  5. Person B should delete the Grav Lift.
  6. Person A should press A. Even though Placed on Map is set to 0, Run-Time Maximum should now be set to 1.

Note that the numbers provided above assume that all Grav Lifts have been deleted from the map. Such deletion is not necessary, however.

As with Method A, deleting the last of a budget-glitched item (e.x. the last Grav Lift on the map) will undo the glitch for that item. Furthermore, if the maximum amount of that item has been placed, deleting any of that item will undo the glitch. In both cases, the glitch will have to be re-done—and that is only possible if the budget has not been exceeded.

Method C[edit]

An alternative method starts by loading an unmodified version of the map. Next, find a weapon that uses energy rather than reloadable projectiles. Place a Covenant energy-using weapon exactly on top of it. The two items' spawn points (teardrops) should align exactly, such that they look like one spawn point. Once done, return to player mode, grab the new weapon, and use all of its energy.

Teleporters of Death[edit]

On many maps, you can place Teleporters outside of the level's boundaries without them being deleted. This allows an instant death, or one caused by the The Guardians on Snowbound, Sandtrap or Sandbox. On most maps, however, players entering such teleports will receive the rather inaccurate message that they "fell to [their] death". A specific method of placing floating items makes it extremely easy to place such Teleporters.

It is possible, on maps like Last Resort, to place a Teleporter such that players may use it to exit the level's boundaries without dying. Sometimes, however, when you are entering the Sender Node, it will say "Teleporter is blocked" if the corresponding Receiver Node is placed in certain areas.

Instant Respawn[edit]

To set an object to instantly respawn without any wait time, set the object's Run-Time Minimum and Run-Time Maximum counts (under the object's summary page, accessed with two presses of the X button) to the same number. The minimum count must be as high as it can go for this to work. The object will now instantly respawn when disturbed. (Weapons are an exception, because when you pick them up, they still exist on the map.) You can make an infinite Fusion Coil shower using this technique; it is also useful when attempting to use Trip Mines to overload maps.

Remote Control of Fusion Coil Bombs[edit]

With the infinite respawn tool comes a trick that allows you to remotely turn on and off Fusion Coil bombs—groups of perpetually-exploding Fusion Coils. When you have one running on infinite respawn, and it keeps blowing up, if you wish to turn it off, bring up the items menu with X, select Fusion Coil in the scenery object list, hit X, and then set the Run-Time Minimum to at least one below the maximum. The infinite respawn will now be turned off.

Teleporter Maze[edit]

A common mapmaking trick is to make several similar-looking rooms and place an intricate network of Receiver, Sender, and Two-way Nodes inside of them, set to a variety of different channels. This can turn a map into a rather difficult maze.

Detailed below is an example arrangement that you can try.

  1. Make eight rooms that look as similar to each other as possible (the looks of first and last rooms don't matter).
  2. Place Teleporters and channels in all rooms in this order:
    (R - Receiver Node || S - Sender Node || T - Two-way Node || Numbers - Channel)
    • First room: R8 S4 T4 S1
    • Second room: R1 T2 S4
    • Third room: R2 R2 T3 S4
    • Fourth room: R3 T4 S4
    • Fifth room: R4 T8 S5
    • Sixth room: R5 T6 S4
    • Seventh room: R6 T4 S7
    • Last room: T7
  3. The last room can be a good place to shoot each other, contain powerful weapons/power-ups/equipment, or really anything that puts anyone controlling it in a powerful position.

Horizontal Grav Lift[edit]

It is possible to create a horizontal Grav Lift that propels players laterally instead of vertically. The process is simple. Start by placing a Weapon Holder on the ground. Then, simply place a Grav Lift (scenery, not equipment) on top of the Weapon Holder. The Lift will begin to rotate, until it eventually straightens out, pointing horizontally.

Please note that you can only place four of these, as you can only place four Grav Lifts. Furthermore, to rotate the Lift, you must rotate the underlying Weapon Holder, and then re-place the Grav Lift atop the Holder.


On Sandtrap, spawn a Crate and place a Turret Case on it. Then, spawn a Receiver Node on top of the stack and delete the objects beneath it. Next, place another crate with two turret cases on top of it and place a sender node on the pile and set it to a different channel than the Receiver Node. Place a Grav Lift on the Receiver Node and test to see if you can reach the Sender Node, and be certain that if you accidentally enter the gravity lift, you can get away before you get teleported off (in Player Mode, with normal speed and gravity) to the left of Elephant where the team without a Chopper spawns in.

Place a Receiver Node on the interior wall, with the illuminated "leg" pointing towards the opposite wall, and set it to the same channel as the Sender Node. Just inside each opening except the roof, place a Weapon Holder with one of the upward-facing extensions facing outside. Place a Mongoose a short distance behind each weapon holder (there isn't room for any other vehicle), making sure that there is enough room so that the Grav Lifts you are about to place will not blast the Mongoose unless you drive it out.

Next, add some Horizontal Grav Lifts using the Weapon Holders you placed earlier. Set the Run-Time Minimum for Grav Lifts to four. Place four Radio Antennas on top of the structure over the opening so that it is covered, and have the ends of each antenna alternate so it should be that on one side of the gap, there are two antenna bases, and the same should be true for the other side. Place a weapon holder on the thick solid part of each radio antenna to stop them from being blown off.

You can also make an effective 'Jail' by using the Horizontal Grav lift trick (this works well if you can forge a 'container open') by placing two horizontal grav lifts facing inwards. This could be effective if you are playing 'cops and robbers'.

Floating Objects[edit]

A base created in Forge using floating crates.

The Floating Forge Items glitch allows players to force Forge objects to hover in midair. In some cases, items must have an (also-floating) inactive Teleporter placed beneath them to stay in midair - sometimes, this flaw even affects immovable items like Double Boxes, though not on Heroic Map Pack maps.

The glitch is commonly used to construct elaborate and unconventional maps and levels - anything from floating Box Forts to raining Fusion Coils.

Method A[edit]

This is the simplest method of performing the glitch, but it is also relatively error-prone... Movable items floated with this glitch will immediately fall if touched, shot, hit by anything, or even approached when in Edit Mode. However, for things like raining Fusion Coils, this flaw could work to a mapmaker's advantage.

To float an item, simply stack up other items until they form a tall enough tower or pile. Then, place the item you want to float on top of the pile or tower, and delete the entire pile or tower beneath it once the floated item stops moving.

It should be noted that Teleporters floated using this method will never fall, so by placing other items on top of Teleporters that have been floated in such a manner, it is possible to construct elaborate structures in midair.

Method B[edit]

The second method of performing the glitch is also very easy. Perform Method A (above) on a Teleporter, and then place the desired floating item on top of the Teleporter. The Teleporter will never fall, so neither will the object.

Method C[edit]

The third method of performing the glitch is still easy, but far less convenient, as it requires you to end the Forge session. Simply spawn the item you want to float, maneuver it into the desired location, save the map, and end the Forge session without moving the item. When you re-enter the map in Forge, the item will be floating, and it can't fall unless you grab it in forge.

Method D[edit]

If a destructible Forge Object is dropped by a player in Edit Mode, and then destroyed while in midair, then it will respawn exactly where it was destroyed. If an editor, for example, drops a Fusion Coil, and a sniper blows it up in midair, then it will respawn where it was shot.

Method E[edit]

In Halo: Reach, spawn a weapon and set it as Fixed or Phased. When a player holding it is killed, it will float where it left their hand (not necessarily like it was being used, as they don't drop it immediately after dying).

Method F[edit]

The final method is to have two players, A and B, should move to the desired location. A should then spawn a sender node and hold on to it. B should spawn a crate on top of the node. After a couple seconds, A should move the node on top of the crate, let go, and after another few seconds, delete the crate. Then, spawn the desired object on top of the node.


The Halo 3 Engine uses a very common physics optimization: if an object is undisturbed for exactly five seconds, physics stop being calculated for it. If the object is disturbed later, physics are recalculated. So if, for example, a Fusion Coil were to remain stationary on top of a Double Box for five seconds, and then the Double Box were to be deleted, then the Fusion Coil would remain in the air.

However, when touched or moved in any way, the Fusion Coil would fall. Furthermore, if a new round or session were to start, the Fusion Coil would fall at the start of the game. Only immovable objects remain in the air, because their physics are only "reactivated" when they are manipulated by a player in Edit Mode.

As such, the only objects that can be permanently floated in earlier maps are stationary turret weapons and Teleporters. Later maps, such as Standoff and Sandbox, would include immovable scenery.

Common Ideas[edit]

Here is a list of common ideas that the floating items trick is used for.

  • Raining Fusion Coils. Place a Fusion Coil in midair without using a Teleporter to support it; when you re-enter the map later (or, if you just want to try this in Forge, nudge it), the Coil will immediately fall. If placed at a sufficient height, it will explode upon impact with the ground.
  • Floating Structures. Another common exploit involving this glitch is floating structures: large structures formed from floating, immovable objects like Double Boxes.
  • Ceilings. The glitch is commonly used to supplement ground-based structures with floated items that act as ceilings. This is useful in cases where it is difficult to perfectly balance a Wall or Bridge upon other walls of a structure.
  • Forge Robots. In many cases, massive statues or "sculptures" made in Forge depend on floating items.
  • Elephants. If you use this glitch to float an object above an Elephant in Sandtrap, the object will remain "fixed" over the Elephant. By placing floating Machine Gun Turrets over an Elephant, you can effectively boost their maximum range and lower their minimum range (so that they can fire at closer targets).
  • Improvised Deployable Lookout Towers. Spawn two crates stacked on top of each other and then put an inactive receiver node in each corner. Add covenant weapon dispensers on top of the receiver nodes in a square or ring shape to form the base. Then add more receiver nodes to lock the weapon dispensers in place. You can then use more weapon dispensers to create protective pillars. Finally, you can add plasma turrets between the gaps. When you're done, add a gravity lift (non-equipment) underneath. Set the run time minimum equal to the run time maximum so it will respawn infinitely.

Interlocking Objects[edit]

The Interlocking Objects glitch, as its name states, allows players to force two Forge objects to overlap and interlock.

Method 1[edit]

To make two or more objects interlock, place the first object you want to interlock and turn off its Placed at Start setting. Make sure the respawn time is long enough for you to place the second object as you want it. You may also want to place another object such as a wall to act as a "guide" to help align the two objects.

Start a new round and place the second object within the area in which the first object will spawn. Once the first object spawns, the two objects should interlock; be sure to set the first object to spawn at start. The next time you start the game the two objects will then be "interlocked" with each other. This method will in fact theoretically work for any number of objects.

Note, however, that objects that have physics calculated (e.x. Crates, Barriers, etc.) may come apart.

Method 2[edit]

Method 2 allows you to interlock objects without starting a new round. The instructions use the process of interlocking a Single Box and a Double Box as an example.

  1. Place the first object—in our example, a Double Box.
  2. Place Walls or other immovable objects around the location of the second object (which has not yet been placed).
  3. Take three or four Doors and turn them so they are somewhat inside the Single Box—make sure that there is something over the Single Box so it wont go flying.
  4. Grab the Single Box, and then let it go.
  5. When the Single Box stops moving, feel free to delete the Walls, Doors, and other objects that you used to force it into position.

Method 3[edit]

It should be noted that this is more of a "geolocking" method—it will partially force some objects into walls or the ground. The instructions below use a Double Box (in Foundry) as an example.

  1. Spawn a Double Box, and lay it down.
  2. Surround it with Walls. The Walls need not touch the Double Box—some space is permitted.
  3. Spawn a Door, flip it upside-down, and put it on top of one of the long ends of the Double Box. Spawn another Door, and do the same with the opposite end of the Double Box.
  4. Pick up the Double Box, drop it, and wait until it stops moving.
  5. Wait five more seconds—just to make sure.
  6. Remove the Walls and Doors.

And the process for putting a Double Box into one of Foundry's walls:

  1. Spawn a Double Box, and lay it down against a wall.
  2. Surround it with Walls. The Walls need not touch the Double Box.
  3. Spawn another Wall, and put it on top of the Double Box.
  4. Put three Doors (placed such that they're intersecting the Double Box) along the box.
  5. Pick up the Double Box, drop it, and wait until it stops moving.
  6. Wait five more seconds—just to make sure.
  7. Remove the Walls and Doors.

Note that movable objects cannot be interlocked. Attempting to interlock a movable object with any other object will cause the objects to separate, and in some cases, they may violently launch away from each other. This is because physics are calculated for movable objects after they are placed.

Method 4[edit]

This method allows you to make an object go right through another one

1. Rapidly tap Dpad up and the X button while being in the edit mode

2. When the spawn menu pops up while you are in the play mode, spawn the object you want to interlock in an other one

3. Go into edit mode and press the X button while aiming at the object you just spawned and set the respawn rate to Never

4. Spawn the same object that you just spawned using the same method and again, set the respawn rate to Never

5. Press the X button again and set the runtime minimum of the second object to the maximum

6. Grab the object you just spawned and wait until the first object you spawned to kinda glitch into it

7. Then, you should be able to place the object through whatever you want !


There is also another method similar to interlocking called geolocking. Geolocking is the act of interlocking immovable items—such as Fence Boxes or Walls—into the floors, walls and ceilings of maps. As an example, you can use it to bury a Wall half-way inside of the snow in Avalanche.

Movable objects cannot be geomerged for the same reason that they cannot be interlocked.

  1. Spawn the object that you want to force into the ground—let's again use a Double Box as an example.
  2. Surround it on all sides with Two-Way Nodes.
  3. Put some Receiver Nodes on top of the Double Box.
  4. Spawn a Door. Put the door inside of the Double Box.
  5. Pick up the Double Box, drop it, and wait until it stops moving.
  6. Wait five more seconds—just to make sure.
  7. Delete the Teleporters and the Door.


An incredibly useful method can be used to easily interlock or geomerge an object.[2] This method is known as automerging, though it has earned other names (such as no-clip merging).

  1. Spawn two copies of the object you wish to merge. Set one of the objects' Respawn Rate to 30; set the other's Respawn Rate to Never. Set the object's Run-Time Minimum to the highest possible value.
  2. While in Edit Mode, aim at one of the two objects. Press A and D-Pad-Up at the same time. (If you return to Player Mode, or if the object moves, then you have done it right.) Repeat this step for the other object.
  3. Knock the two objects away from their spawn points (the teardrop-shaped markers). Do not pick the items up in Edit Mode. Knock them away through some other means. You can use explosions, Man Cannons, Grav Lifts, or an impact with a third item to move the two objects.
  4. Find the object whose Respawn Rate had been set to 30. Pick it up in Edit Mode, and hold it still.
  5. After 30 seconds, the object will respawn inside of itself. When this happens, the copy of the object that you are holding will become non-solid.

The phrase "non-solid" here means that collisions are not detected for the object, and hence they are not corrected. This allows the object to be moved through level geometry and other objects. If a player lets go of such an object, it will be frozen in place. However, the object cannot be picked up once it has been placed. Starting a new round allows players to pick up the object, but it also regains its solidity—it will not move through solid objects.

The reason that the object respawns "inside of itself" is because the Run-Time Minimum forces the game to create one copy of the object for every spawn point on the map, but one of the spawn points' Respawn Rates has been set to "Never". By holding a copy of the object (and, therefore, its associated spawn point), a player can evidently force a game to spawn an object anyway, despite the "lack of room".

Interestingly, when an automerged object is dropped and stops being Forgeable, it behaves in a very similar manner to the "Crate" Forge Object, which temporarily stops being Forgeable when it has been significantly displaced.

No-clip merging with turrets[edit]

Please read the above sub-article first!

Follow the steps above until you reach the point where you must move the objects (after dummying them). You must move the turrets carefully (Machine Gun Turret or Plasma Cannon) so that you do not break them. Now, in edit mode, grab the respawnable turret. Set the RUN-TIME MAXIMUM to as high as it can go. Now you must find a way to destroy the other turret without dropping the one you have now. Here are some ways to do this:

  1. Set a fusion coil/power core to spawn high above the ground and quickly move the non-respawnable turret under its drop zone and quickly grab the respawnable turret so that the fusion coil/power core falls and destroys the non-respawnable turret.
  1. Throwing a grenade (after having moved them both) at the non-respawnable turret and quickly going into edit mode and grabbing the respawnable one.
  1. Having a second player destroying the nonrespawnable turret after you have grabbed the respawnable one.

If done correctly, the turret being held will be come clipless as unmovable scenery in the sub-article above.

State Preservation[edit]

When you switch from Player Mode to Edit Mode, your state is preserved. This is a really fancy way of saying that whatever was happening to you in Player Mode will be "paused" until you return to Player Mode, at which point it will continue. As an example, if you are stuck with a grenade while in Player Mode, and you enter Edit Mode before it explodes... the grenade will disappear. But when you go back to Player Mode, it will reappear, and detonate as it normally would.

The following things are preserved—they're "paused" when you enter Edit Mode, and they resume when you return to Player Mode.

  • Grenades that are stuck to you
  • The act of charging a Spartan Laser
    • Hold RT to charge up a Spartan Laser. While still holding RT, enter Edit Mode. If you exit Edit Mode while holding RT, you'll still be charging the Spartan laser—so if you time it right, you can fire the laser immediately after exiting Edit Mode.
  • Being on fire (if you were hit with a Flamethrower or Firebomb Grenade)
  • Momentum
    • If you enter Edit Mode right as you get launched by a Man Cannon, then you may continue to be launched when you return to Player Mode.
  • The act of throwing a grenade

Cool Things to Try[edit]


Behind Last Resort
In the main room of Last Resort's power plant, where the turbine is, enter Edit Mode. Fly up to the invisible wall in front of the turbine, and force the Monitor onto a ledge high above the Power Drain spawn. Once there, fly towards the turbine; when you find yourself unable to move, lower yourself off the ledge and you should be behind the fence separating the main base from the turbine. Boosting (LT) makes the process easier. It also helps to add a Teleporter or a Respawn Point back there so that other players can get to it without any hassle.
You might need a second person for this to work.
Start a Forge match with all players' Damage Resistance set to 10%. Make a box using Shield Doors, and put a Soccer ball in the center. Place a Machine Gun Turret nearby.
Enter Player Mode and touch the ball; this will deplete your shields. Run to the turret, man it, and detach it. Detaching the turret will kill you, but leave your corpse standing in the "detached turret" animation.
Note that the connection host cannot see the "clone". If you don't see it, view it from another player's screen in Theater. Aside from the pose, the corpse is normal -- it fades away like any other dead body.
If you repeat this process but instead of detatching a turret you melee your clone in the back as if you are performing an assassination, you will die.
Driving a Destroyed Vehicle
Using Forge, a player can enter a broken vehicle. (They can't actually drive it, however.)
Forcing Teleporters
When playing over Xbox Live, any player that isn't host can force a Teleporter through the ground. They must simply aim at the bottom of the Teleporter, and button-mash A until it sinks.
Party Hog
It is possible to drive the Troop Transport Warthog in The Pit by using Forge. Set up a Teleporter on the other side of the fence; if you set it on the ground it will disappear, so set it on one of the support bars on the fence. Get outside the map, move the Warthog against the fence with a large object (barriers work well), and blow it up. When it respawns, it will be drivable.
It is possible to get the Warthog across the fence. Be careful while in Player Mode on the outside of the fence; standing on the ground there for 5 seconds will result in death. This does not include standing on top of objects like the Warthog, but it does include driving a vehicle on the ground.
Turretless Vehicle Glitch
Good timing in Forge can create a vehicle with no armament.
Underneath Construct
Overload Construct with Trip Mines. Then, go to where the purple lifts should be. Stand over the hole where the purple laser comes out. Crouch to get through.

Map ideas[edit]

Environment battles
By setting the damage players inflict to 0%, a player can make a map where the environment must be used to kill opponents. From there, Forge may be used to set up environmental traps.
Forge Robots
Scenery and floating objects can be combined to form massive "robots". Add some openings and Spartan Lasers to complete the effect.
Maps like Foundry and Sandbox are extremely flexible, allowing players to create large mazes. Automerging can be used in Sandbox for a spectacular, cave-like effect.
Memorials to History
Try recreating historical battles in Forge. One could, for example, recreate D-Day on High Ground.
Obstacle course
Teleporters and other devices can be used to create obstacle courses with various challenges.
Picture map
Many people have created artwork in Forge by drawing with items. Weapons, for example, can be used to draw lines.
Racetracks can be created by placing VIP waypoints along the track, or by placing a single Territory at the end of the track.
Create a large base on Foundry or Sandbox. Give the players inside of the base a small amount of weapons, but no way out of the base. On the opposite side of the map, create a small outpost with all of the remaining weapons and vehicles, as well as a route into the base. Then, set everyone's lives so that if a player dies, they're out of the game.
Sky Bases
With enough patience, large floating fortresses can be made in almost any map.
Spawn Destruction
Set the level up so that a domino-like path of Fusion Coils wraps around every spawn point on the map. When playing the map, simply find a safe spot, destroy the Fusion Coils, and watch your score rise.:*With proper timing, one can set the Fusion Coils up so that by the time the path ends, the first Coils will have already respawned -- so that one shot creates an infinite stream of explosions.


In Edit Mode, spawn a long object (like a Radio Antenna) and use it to bat a second player (who is in Player Mode). Alternatively, two players can do this and have a "swordfight".You can also play baseball with a rocket launcher and a gravity hammer.
Box Fortress
On Avalanche, go to one of the flat ice areas. Enter Edit Mode and float as low to the ground as possible. Then look directly up, and spawn a closed Double Box. Move it as far into the air as you can without moving yourself. Then, without moving or exiting Edit Mode, drop it, and let it land on you. If done correctly, you will be forced into the box. You will be able to shoot out, but people will not be able to shoot in. If you need to move, then just enter Edit Mode, pick up the box, and move around. To exit it, just pick it up and push it away.
Elephant Cannon
Move an Elephant to an open area on Sandtrap, preferably near the crashed Phantom. Then, use either a Scorpion or a Drop Pod to flip it. (The cockpit of the flipped Elephant should point in the direction that players should be launched.) Now, place every Teleporter on top of the flipped Elephant, to hold it in place.
The cannon is now ready. Have someone drive inside with a human vehicle, and have someone else flip the Elephant. The vehicle will be launched. (Human vehicles work better because the anti-gravity systems on Covenant vehicle slow the launch.)
Elephant flipping
It is actually possible to flip an Elephant over.
Flying Elephant
There are several ways to launch an Elephant, and a few ways to keep it in the air...
Forced teleporting
A player in Edit Mode can teleport players by simply moving a Sender Node into them.

Traps and devices[edit]

Armored Warthog (a.k.a. "Armadillo")
On any level with Barricades, place two Barricades on top of a Warthog. The Warthog will be much more powerful, though players will have to be careful when driving -- though an Armored Warthog can drive at normal speed, accelerating too fast will cause the Barricades to slide off. This trick can be preformed on a Hornet with enough practice, the armored Hornet is sometimes given the nickname of "Cockroach".
Infinite Weapon Holder
To give the illusion of a Weapon Holder with infinite ammo, simply place multiple rapidly-respawning copies of the same item onto the Weapon Holder.
Vehicle Stopper
On any map that has Barricades and Drop Pods (such as Sandtrap and Valhalla), a roadblock can be created by placing a Barricade with Drop Pods behind it and touching it. More Drop Pods will make a stronger roadblock.
Secret room
Secret rooms are common in some maps. They are generally used as weapons caches with difficult-to-locate entrances. In some cases, secret rooms may be constructed manually; in other cases, glitches may be used to turn a normally-unreachable area into a secret room. (For example, the Forge turret glitch may be used to enter the small areas beneath The Pit's stairways, or Longshore's power room right after the overshield spawn, or the two rooms that are right below the two bases on Foundry.)
Teleporter of Doom
Spawn a Receiver Node, and then spawn a Sender Node right next to it. Place a Weapon Holder next to the Receiver Node, and set a Grav Lift on the Weapon Holder. (The items should be in a straight line, with the Grav Lift pointing toward both Teleporters.) If necessary, rotate the Weapon Holder to align the Grav Lift. If this has been set up correctly, then a player that enters the Sender Node will be trapped -- the Grav Lift will push them back into the Sender Node, trapping them in a cycle of perpetual teleporting!
Unreachable Items
A mapmaker can taunt players by placing a power weapon in an unreachable area.


  • Change the Gravity - You can actually make gravity change direction! You can do this by putting elephants next to each other. It's hard, but if you want to get good results put one elephant on top the other. You can do this by getting a scorpion and putting it inside the elephant then 'hooking' the ends of the scorpion with the 'ribs' of the elephant. To hook them twist the scorpion clockwise or counter clock wise. Then you lift the scorpion vertically, thus allowing you to lift the elephant. Now set it atop the other elephant. Once you have done this put items inside the elephant on the bottom. They will either go up or to either sides! You should try different ways to put the two together because it could change the gravity depending how they are united! Note: The change in gravity won't affect you unless you are in a vehicle inside the elephant. You can make gravity upside down by putting a lot of tanks inside the other elephant!
  • Drive a vehicle while a monitor is still holding it - Normally if a player is driving a vehicle and a Monitor picks it up, the player is removed, but if you (Player mode) and a friend (Monitor mode) both grab it at the same time (this may take a few tries)you will be driving the vehicle while the monitor is still holding it. Have fun!
  • Flying Vehicles - Normally if a player is driving a vehicle and a Monitor picks it up, the player is removed, but if the player is in the side/passenger/gunner seat of the vehicle they will stay in it, able to shoot as usual as the vehicle is moved around the map. This can also be done with machine gun turrets and Plasma Cannons.
  • Flying Vehicles 2 - Spawn one Mongoose and let your friend (With a rocket) drive it them blow it up, set the first vehicle to never respawn and spawn another, set run time minimum to the max to be the same with the run time maximum so it's automatically respawns (It's takes awhile for vehicles), let your friend drive it. Now wait for the other one to respawn, once it does, let your friend to fly off a ramp and then pick up the first Mongoose (Same spawn place as second) your friend will fly in the air.
    • Note: You can delete people if you delete the vehicle/turret! It does not count as a kill, but they respawn as if they died. Also, the infinite turret glitch can be achieved this way.
  • Baseball - Have a player make as many Rockets as possible and a Gravity Hammer not too far away (This works best on Valhalla), then have one player to get a Rocket Launcher and the other get the Gravity Hammer. Now fire a rocket at the player with the Gravity Hammer and at the last second get the player with the hammer to hit the rocket and after a few attempts you should get it out of the map. If the player with the Hammer misses, then the Rocket ends his/hers life.
  • Rocket Redirection with grenades - For this trick you need a Rocket Launcher with max ammo and, preferably, every type of grenade except incendiary. Throw a Frag or Spike Grenade at the ground and quickly shoot a rocket. The rocket should be misdirected and will corkscrew out of control. You have to time it right, or the rocket's flight path will be unaffected or the grenade will blow up before you can launch the rocket. A Plasma Grenade will redirect the rocket, but then it will explode right after it passes through the explosion. Also, it is possible to shoot the rocket with a Sniper Rifle, but it requires above-average sniping skills. Once it has been hit, the rocket will spiral out of control, either striking the ground near the area where it was hit or it will spin upwards into the sky.
  • Whirlpool of Death - On a map with walls and man cannons (Foundry), make your best attempt at making a medium-sized circle, it doesn't have to be perfect. Make sure there are no sharp corners and the walls are mostly smooth. Spawn man cannons and place them perpendicular to the wall so that they are sideways. Do the same to the rest of the wall space (don't overdo it though, 4 is what works best in a medium-sized whirlpool) and make sure that you don't get stuck in any corners when going around it. Then, the fun part, place objects with a lot of mass, like crates, or put explosive, like fusion coils or even forklifts. A small roof is recommended to keep objects in, but leave a hole so that people can get in and see how long they last. For even more fun, spawn a hill marker in there to play King of the Hill and see who wins amidst all the chaos. Note: If too many explosives or objects are put the game may lag.
  • Reverse the Field on High Ground - Start by taking the turret that sits atop the bridge and place it so that it faces the other direction. Then complete the process by adding various crates and walls inside the base. This may change the flow so that it may seem the outsiders are holding the defenders prisoner, controlling the outdoors and terrorizing the base.
  • Put Yourself in a Loop - On Narrows, put a Gravity lift in front of each Man cannon and get in one. You'll be able to attack the bridge from the air or have jousts in mid air with all sorts of close range weapons like the Shotgun or Gravity Hammer or any weapons with a strong melee attack.
  • The Escape Pod - Spawn an Open Container anywhere they are allowed. Go inside and drop a Deployable Cover. Next, grab a gravity lift and drop it inside (while you're inside as well) the box should begin to rise. Fun to do as a trick, you're about to die and have a gravity lift with a deployable cover nearby and you drop the gravity lift and cover and fly away as the enemy was about to kill you, or to reach new heights. Best done on a level where you can go pretty high without restrictions or on Last Resort's beach.
  • Hornet-Elephant - If you manage to find the patience, try to place drop pods inside of the elephant and carefully place deployed gravity lifts underneath the drop pods. Try to place receiver teleporters on the lifts to hold them in place. Carefully place a Hornet between the "ribs" of the elephant. Then, place a radio antenna sideways on top of both of the hornets turbines (wings). Try to place Covenant supply crates to hold the hornet and the antennas in place and more teleporter receivers just as backup precautions. Then, place supplies and equipment for the match in the elephant. Then, get into the hornet. If done properly, the lifts will launch the pods at the fence-like ceiling and open the pods. Remember, to quickly get into the hornet as soon as the pods deploy. Use the hornet to steer and operate the flying machine. Warning: Do not access the Elephants controls!
  • Floating vehicles - This only works on vehicles with a gravity propulsion drive. (Ghost, wraith, and prowler.) Find an elephant, and place said vehicle on the roof of the cockpit. Get inside the vehicle and slowly make your way to the 4 prongs of the elephant. You will notice you will be floating. You can continue floating as long as you are on the elephant. If you leave the elephant, you will fall off.
  • Vehicular trap - Spawn a vehicle, then surround it with walls and seal the top with a bridge. If the walls are close enough to the vehicle, you can enter it, but can't get out since you are surrounded by walls.
  • Tank Dropping - Go to a map that supports Scorpions or Wraiths (preferably Sandtrap), find a relatively flat area, go into monitor mode an spawn a tank (preferably a Scorpion. Then look directly upwards, while still holding the tank, and go up nearly as far as you can, push the tank away from yourself and switch to player mode. The results can be hilarious. The tank can literally send you flying out of the map at hundreds of miles per-hour. Occasionally if done on Sandtrap, the player's body will actually hit Aegis Fate. This can give hours of amusement. Another fun thing to try is dropping the tank on fusion coils, plasma batteries, etc.
  • Anti-grav Vehicles - This is best done with two people, but can be pulled off with one. First, delete all the vehicles. Then set any vehicle down and set the respawn time to 10 seconds. Then drive it forward to a certain point(somewhere you can easily recall)Call this vehicle (a). Place a second vehicle (it must be the same as the first) in the exact spot where you spawned (a). Set the respawn to 180 seconds and call this vehicle (b). Destroy both vehicles with a spartan laser, (b) and then (a). When (a) has respawned, drive it to the spot where you drove it to before. Set the respawn time from 10 to 180 seconds and run time minimum to 2. Now that (b) has respawned, pick up (a). Due to a glitch, you should be holding (b) which appears out of nowhere. Delete it. Now spawn anything small, like a grenade, drop it and pick it up again. Vehicle (a) should have no gravity as long as a monitor holds the grenade.
  • The Invisible Warthog - First Overload the map by spawning trip mines and put them all to the lowest respawn time, and put it to a run -time minimum and maximum, Keep placing them on top of each other and let them explode themselves. Then spawn a warthog. Get inside of it. While driving turn into a monitor. Then get out of the warthog and get back in. Then you're done. NOTE: If you're playing with 2 or more people you must be on a different team than everyone else.
  • Traps - First, spawn a dumpster (Dumpsters can be found in Foundry only) After that, put a pallet on top and a window panel on top of the pallet. Delete the pallet. Then, spawn a closed single box on the two sides of the dumpster as well as the back. Place an Active Camo or Custom Powerup in front of the dumpster that is not surrounded by a box, DO NOT PLACE AN OVERSHIELD. Then, place a man-cannon on the opposite side of the Active Camo, but place it leaning so the "plasma steam" is facing forward instead of at an angle. Lastly, make the Camo instant respawn. Now, when people take the Active Camo or Custom Powerup, the dumpster will shoot out, killing them.
    This can also be done in Sandbox by using the column, damaged small in place of the dumpster. However, you will have to create a different guide for the column. If there is no guide, the angled face of the column could interfere with the trap, causing the column to bypass the active camo or launch the player who takes the active camo, as opposed to killing them.
    This can be done from either side or above, even below if you have the space.
  • The Game Master - Upon downloading Title Update 2, set the Forge capability to "Party Leader only". Then, have something around 6-8 people in the party (preferably an odd number) and have all the players form teams, and then have Party Leader stay on their own team. When the teams are killing each other, the Party Leader (Monitor) can fly around and attempt to aid players or splatter people, or even attempt to get the teams to work together to take down the Monitor.
  • Carry Two Dual Wield Weapons - In Forge spawn a dual wield weapon like:plasma pistol, rifle, mauler, SMG, etc. Switch your first weapon with a dual wield weapon. Then switch to your secondary weapon. Then get a weapon you want and dual wield it with your secondary wield weapon(must be dual wield). Then switch your secondary weapon with the same weapon as your primary weapon(Again primary must be dual wield like secondary).
  • Rocketship - This only works on Last Resort. Spawn an open container, and place two barriers inside it, the trick works a lot better if the container and the barriers are on their sides. Then spawn a Grav Lift near the container. Go into player mode, grab the Grav lift, then you can either jump into the box or you can just stay outside of the box and then deploy the lift on the two barriers. The container, if done correctly, should fly up into the sky until it hits the kill barrier.


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