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Halo: Shadows of Reach[edit]

  • "Call it what you will. It belongs to Atriox and the Banished now." (Escharum talking to Castor about the recovery of the Forerunner crystal shards from the Anodyne Spirit.)
  • "Pray Atriox punishes your defiance now. If we ever meet again, I will peel the flesh from your bones with my own hands." (to Castor)

Halo Infinite[edit]

Warship Gbraakon[edit]

  • "A Spartan? No. Something better. The Master Chief returns. We thought you dead. Tossed into the void, yet here you stand. Humans call you their savor. The Covenant... Demon. The Banished? Prey. (chuckles) Destroy this craft if you must. It matters not. The Banished will hunt you down. Pursue you wherever you run." (Escharum's first encounter with the Master Chief)
  • "Do you think this disruption will be enough? Victory is already ours. So, run, Spartan. We will meet on the battlefield." (Escharum addressing the Master Chief during Warship Gbraakon's destruction)


  • "The Banished will never bow to anyone again! Not the Covenant. Not the Prophets. Not her." (Escharum during his argument with Tremonius)
  • "Blademaster...follow the Spartan, from a distance. I want to know everything about him. (Escharum instructing Jega 'Rdomnai to spy on John-117)

Outpost Tremonius[edit]

  • " So...Tremonius has fallen. Do not fool yourself. He was not the best of the Banished. Not by any measure. (growls) It occurs to me that we have not been introduced. I, of course, know of you, Spartan. Your legend. The fear you inspire is admirable. The hope you stir in the hearts of your kind... misplaced. I want you to know my name too. To know my legend. How else will you beg me for mercy? I am Escharum. War Chief of the Banished. This is my world now. And you have little time remaining in it."

Pelican Down[edit]

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House of Reckoning[edit]

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Boss Fight[edit]

  • [Angry roar] "Damn you!" (taking damage)
  • [Chuckle] "Please." (taking damage)
  • [Coughing] "Demon! This day you die!"
  • [Coughing] "You...wretched...thing!"
  • [Furious roar]
  • [Low menacing chuckle]
  • [Menacing laughter]
  • [Sniff] "Spartan... I'm near."
  • "A battle worthy of remembrance." (if he kills the player)
  • "A human in a suit! Nothing more!"
  • "A pest to be stomped! Nothing more!"
  • "And so it begins."
  • "Are you afraid, Spartan?"
  • "As I suspected, nothing but a man." (if he kills the player)
  • "Atriox... This is your victory." (if he kills the player)
  • "Bare your teeth, Spartan! Let us finish it!"
  • "Come on! Fight harder!" (taking damage)
  • "Damn you, Spartan!"
  • "Do not disappoint me, Spartan."
  • "Do you feel it? Darkness approaches."
  • "Do you know what awaits you beneath the surface of this Ring?"
  • "Dodge this, whelp!" (attacking)
  • "Does it hurt, Spartan?" (attacking)
  • "Fire! Blood! Glory is at hand!"
  • "For Atriox! For the Banished!"
  • "Go on! Attack! Everything you have!"
  • "Hold still!"
  • "Hope dies with you, Spartan." (if he kills the player)
  • "Hold still, coward!"
  • "Humanity's fate is sealed." (if he kills the player)
  • "Humanity's last hope dies with you. Unless you act!"
  • "I am not dead yet, Spartan!"
  • "I do not need armor - I am not like YOU!" (taking damage)
  • "I do this for Atriox. And for his Banished."
  • "I promise you, Spartan - this device is quite functional." (shield is activated)
  • "I scarcely felt that." (taking damage)
  • "I survived the Covenant - I will survive YOU!"
  • "I will break you!"
  • "I will bury you alongside your pathetic friend!"
  • "I will claim the Master Chief as my greatest trophy!"
  • "I will fight until my last breath!"
  • "I will grant you a warrior's death!"
  • "I will NOT relent!"
  • "I will see the dreams of Atriox realized!"
  • "I will show you a nightmare beyond reckoning!"
  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "I'll crush you flat!"
  • "I'll have your head for this!" (taking damage)
  • "I'll kill you where you stand!"
  • "In the name of Atriox!"
  • "Is that all you can do, Spartan?" (taking damage)
  • "Is this all you are capable of?" (taking damage)
  • "It is too late to beg."
  • "It will do you no good." (taking damage)
  • "Let us see what you truly are!"
  • "Let us test your legend!"
  • "Make your choice, Spartan. Victory... or your friends."
  • "My blood burns! My heart roars!"
  • "My greatest battle... [cough] My last battle..."
  • "None can stand against me! Not even YOU!"
  • "Not bad. But not good enough." (taking damage)
  • "Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide!"
  • "One more Spartan is nothing! Now you die!"
  • "Our pack will not be stopped! Not by you!"
  • "Perhaps I underestimated you, human."
  • "Petulant Demon! You will submit to my will!"
  • "Petulant whelp! I expect no less!" (taking damage)
  • "Prove your valor. Show me what you are."
  • "Ready to die, human?!"
  • "Ready yourself!"
  • "Run, demon!"
  • "Running again, eh?"
  • "Sacrifice is a necessity of war, Spartan."
  • "Send word to the Harbinger. The Spartan is dead." (if he kills the player)
  • "Set a fire in your heart, Spartan."
  • "Show me what you can do!"
  • "Show me your courage, filth!"
  • "Stand and fight!"
  • "Strike me down, and the Banished will rise!"
  • "That's it. Cut through him. It's your only path to victory."
  • "The Banished will never yield!"
  • "The Covenant is dead. Soon humanity will join them!"
  • "The future of the Banished is secured." (if he kills the player)
  • "The hope of humanity dies with you!"
  • "The Prophets could not stop us. Cortana could not stop us. You will not stop us."
  • "The Spartans are dead! And soon you will join them!"
  • "This battle will be remembered in song."
  • "This is no place for weakness!"
  • "This is the power of the Banished!"
  • "This Ring belongs to the Banished."
  • "This Ring is our home. You are an invader."
  • "What?!" (stuck by a grenade)
  • "What will you do now, Spartan?" (shield activates)
  • "Why do you refuse to die?!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Yes! Come CLOSE!" (if the player grapples onto Escharum to melee attack him)
  • "Yes! Strike!" (taking damage)
  • "Yes! YES! FOR GLORY!"
  • "You and ALL the humans will BURN!"
  • "You are alone. And you will perish alone."
  • "You are but a tool of the Forerunners!"
  • "You are hopeless, Spartan!"
  • "You cannot escape!"
  • "You cower behind your weapon!"
  • "You have my respect." (if he kills the player)
  • "You know what you must do. Now DO IT!"
  • "You think this will save your friend? He'll die - like you!"
  • "You were a fool to come here!"
  • "You will be broken!"
  • "You will be ground into the dust of this world!"
  • "You will die a magnificent death!"
  • "You will not win! You cannot win!"
  • "Your armor will be my greatest trophy!"
  • "Your corpse will be my prize!"
  • "Your death approaches. Submit!"
  • "Your hesitation bellies your weakness."
  • "Your last breath will be drawn, pained, at my FEET!"
  • "Your legend ends today, human!"
  • "Your pack is dead! Shattered! And you are alone!"
  • "Your shell will be my trophy!"
  • "Your will falters! Your fear is palpable!"
  • "Your will is done, Atriox." (if he kills the player)

Audio Logs[edit]

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