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Echo 419
Production information


Misriah Armories





30.5 metres (100 ft)


23.3 metres (76 ft)


10 metres (33 ft)


Two main engines housed in middle section of ship, ten maneuvering thrusters housed in four vector pylons.


  • One chin-mounted auto-cannon in either 40 or 70mm caliber
Service information


September 22, 2552

Participated battles:

Battle of Installation 04

Known commanders:

Carol Rawley




Echo 419 was a UNSC Pelican Dropship assigned to the 23rd Naval Air Squadron and attached to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552.

Operational History[edit]

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

Main article: Battle of Installation 04

When the UNSC Pillar of Autumn arrived over Installation 04, the pilot of Echo 419, Captain Carol "Foe Hammer" Rawley, launched the Pelican as the Autumn descended into the atmosphere of the Halo, thereby saving Echo 419 from destruction. Other members of her wing, notably Echo 136, Echo 206, Bravo 022, and Victor 933 escaped the crashing of the Autumn in the same fashion. These five Pelicans were invaluable to the human survivors throughout the events that followed.

Echo 419 evacuating survivors from the valleys of Halo.

After departing from the Autumn, Echo 419 flew to the location of Major Antonio Silva and assisted in the capture of the butte that would later become Alpha Base. This pelican was then dispatched to evacuate other survivors of the crash who had landed on the ring on lifepods, including the Master Chief and Cortana. Echo 419 then stayed on station while the Spartan-II and AI decided to rescue survivors of several more lifepods in danger of being overrun by the Covenant. Echo 419 then took all survivors, the Master Chief and Cortana back to Alpha Base.

Echo 419 arrives at the Truth and Reconciliation's position.

That night, Echo 419 took part in the assault on the Covenant cruiser Truth and Reconciliation, bringing Marines and ODSTs to the ship and taking back weapons and ordnance from the Covenant. Foe Hammer was bold enough to even bring the Pelican into a docking bay inside the vessel to unload reinforcements. However, midway through the attack, Echo 419 came under attack by Banshee fighters and was forced to return to Base. The Master Chief and Captain Keyes were forced to commandeer a Covenant Dropship in order to safely make it back to base.

Later, Echo 419 and Bravo 022 took part in the assault on the Silent Cartographer, bringing forces and vehicles to the site and providing air cover once the Marines were on the ground. Although Bravo 022 was shot down and destroyed during the mission, Echo 419 was able to pick up the Master Chief after the mission was successful. The Pelican was then flown directly inside Halo's subterranean fortifications to drop the Master Chief off when he went to find the Control Room of the Halo. Echo 419 was also responsible for picking up the Chief after the mission.

Echo 419 in the underground tunnels near the Control Room.

Echo 419 then dropped the Chief off in the swamps around what later was revealed to be the Flood Containment Facilities so that he could locate Captain Keyes. When the Chief discovered the Flood, he and all surviving Marines attempted to evacuate via Echo 419, but Foe Hammer was unable to put the Pelican down due to the bad weather in the swamp. She then tried to guide them to a tower where she could pick them up, She then picked up all surviving Marines that were stationed in the swamp, but 343 Guilty Spark transported the Chief away.

Echo 419 was apparently in the air around the crash site of the Pillar of Autumn again after the Chief and Cortana detonated the fusion generators of the ship. As she neared the rendezvous point, Echo 419 was fired upon by two Banshees that heavily damaged the engine nacelles and control systems on the craft, causing Foe Hammer to lose control and crash land into the desert terrain nearby the Autumn. It is a possibility that she and her crew survived the crash, seeing the Pelican slowing down from the bridge, but was certainly killed after the Autumn's fusion engines went critical leading to the destruction of Halo.

Known crew[edit]


  • The title, Echo 419 comes from the military phonetic alphabet E. So the craft is actually "called" E419 as is evident on the side of the Pelican.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, the model of Echo 419 (with "E419" written clearly on the sides of the ship) is used for nearly all of the Pelicans in the game, with the exception of the "Crashed Pelican" model for Victor 933, (with "V933" on the sides of the ship) seen in the level 343 Guilty Spark and The Silent Cartographer, while doubling as the crashed Bravo 022.
  • Echo 419 appears as the Master Chief's primary method of transport from various points on Installation 04 to another during Halo: Combat Evolved to the point that Cortana is always calling for Echo 419 directly instead of asking for a Pelican to be sent for them.
  • Despite the fact that all Pelicans were supposedly aboard the Truth and Reconciliation when it was destroyed in Halo: The Flood, Echo 419 is still around to pick up the Master Chief with no explanation during The Maw. Its possible that as Major Antonio Silva was aware of what the Master Chief was up to, he sent Echo 419 out ahead of time to wait for the Master Chief to call for pickup and thus it was not aboard the ship at the time that it went down.

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