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Crew Chief for Echo 419[1]


Cullen was a non-commissioned officer in the UNSC Navy, serving in the 23rd Naval Air Squadron as the Crew Chief for the D77-TC Pelican dropship, Echo 419.[1]


Battle of Installation 04[edit]

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Echo 419 and its crew, including pilots Carol Rawley and Frye alongside Cullen, were stationed on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in August 2552, when the ship escaped the Fall of Reach and exited slipspace over Installation 04 on September 19. Upon entering the Soell system, Covenant forces began engaging the Autumn in space, ultimately deploying boarding parties in an attempt to take over the cruiser. During the fighting on the ship, Captain Jacob Keyes initiated a general evacuation, prompting the ship's Pelican crews - including that of Echo 419 - to try and launch their craft in the hopes they may become useful in the ensuing conflict.[1]

Ultimately, all three air crew for Echo 419 were able to successfully reach the Pelican as the Autumn began to enter Installation 04's atmosphere, with Cullen being the last to enter the craft. Echo 419 was ultimately able to successfully escape the cruiser before it crash-landed on the ring, though Cullen's fate is unknown.[1] Cullen would later continue to serve during the September 20 outbreak of the Flood at the Flood containment facility, serving to work Echo 419's comms suite to put Captain Rawley in contact with John-117.[2]

Cullen's fate following September 20 is unknown, though they were almost certainly killed by the time of Echo 419's (and Installation 04's) destruction on September 22, 2552.

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