Mtangulizi Kampuni

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The Mtangulizi Kampuni facility entrance.

Mtangulizi Kampuni,[1] translated from Swahili as Forerunner Company,[2] was a company situated in New Mombasa, Africa. It had a three-story facility in New Mombasa Sector B.


Battle of Mombasa[edit]

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The company's facility in New Mombasa became a command post for "A" Company of the UNSC Marine Corps when the Covenant attacked in the Battle of Earth. The company came under heavy attack by the Covenant immediately upon arrival, and the commanding Marine Lieutenant killed before the company could enter the building. The building was besieged by a pair of Wraith tanks. The Marines of "A" Company, under the command of Staff Sergeant Banks, locked the building down in order to prevent the Covenant from entering. A pair of Kig-Yar Snipers prevented the entrenched Marines from mustering a response. "A" Company fortified Mtangulizi Kampuni, placing Marines with heavy weapons in the stairwells and even mounting several M247 GP Machine Gun turrets. The third floor, which was adjacent to a canal, sported a heavy armory with large numbers of M19 Rocket Launchers, M90 Assault Shotguns, BR55 Battle Rifles, and numerous ammunition cartridges.

When the UNSC launched an offensive to retake the city center, John-117 spearheaded an assault to liberate "A" Company from Mtangulizi Kampuni, and with the aid of a nearby Marine-crewed M12 Chaingun Warthog, attacked the Covenant force situated in front of Mtangulizi Kampuni. The Covenant attempted to reinforce their group with two Ghost rapid attack vehicles air-dropped by Phantom dropships, but were ultimately unsuccessful. After all nearby Covenant forces had been destroyed, the Marines unlocked the front doors to Mtangulizi Kampuni, allowing John-117 entrance. Corporal Perez introduced John-117 to Staff Sergeant Banks, who was on the second floor. At the same time, two Pelican dropships deployed a fireteam of Marines and an M808B Scorpion Tank near Mtangulizi Kampuni, but a Covenant Scarab walker that was advancing towards the city center engaged them, completely destroying the reinforcements. Banks promptly ordered his men to assault the Scarab as it passed by the third floor, and John-117 went to assist them.

The Scarab eventually got stuck in the canal, and was unable to move any further because of obstructions in the canal. A Pelican dropship attempted to bombard the massive walker with ANVIL-II Air-to-Surface Missiles, but the missiles didn't even scathe the armor plating, forcing the UNSC forces to board the Scarab if they were to bring it down. While a small team of Marines fired down on the Scarab, John-117 jumped aboard, killing its crew and its Sangheili Ultra commander, and then destroyed the walker by unknown means, probably sabotaging the interior mechanisms.

A Pelican Dropship commanded by Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson then landed near Mtangulizi Kampuni, retrieving John-117 and also an unknown number of Marines, including Perez, bring them back to the nearby UNSC frigate UNSC In Amber Clad. The company's building was destroyed when the city was later glassed by the Covenant.

Production notes[edit]

Mtangulizi Kampuni is replaced by Lethbridge Industrial in Halo 2: Anniversary.

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