Halo: Reach announcement trailer

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The Halo: Reach announcement trailer is a video released by Bungie Studios for the E3 2009 gaming convention on June 1st, announcing the development of Halo: Reach. It premiered during the Microsoft press conference just after Halo 3: ODST's demo.




The surface of Reach comes into view.

Fermion: Gamma station, this is Fermion RSO. Unconfirmed report of an in-system slipspace rupture.
Gamma Station: Impossible. Check your source.
Fermion: Reading multiple pings below the orbital defense grid...
Gamma Station: Oh, this can't be happening...
UNSC Operator: There's no mistake. It's them.

A destroyed UNSC Frigate is shown in Reach's orbit. Several other UNSC ships fly below. City lights are visible on the surface of the planet, many in circular patterns.

UNSC Operator: WINTER CONTINGENCY has been declared. All units are mobilized and ready.
Kat-B320: This is Sierra three-two-zero, prepped for combat insertion.

A massive plasma blast hits the planet surface. The city lights go out, sections at a time.

UNSC Operator: What the hell was that?
Pilot: We're coming in hot. Hold on!

Several more plasma explosions are seen on the planet.

Pilot: We just lost our bird!
UNSC Commander: Oh my God...
UNSC Commander: What the hell is happening down there?

Comm chatter overlapping, incomprehensible.

UNSC Marine: There's still people down here!
UNSC Commander: The city just dropped off my map!
UNSC Marine: We need an evac...
UNSC Marine: We're overrun. We'll hold this position as long as we can!

View zooms away from the planet, and Epsilon Eridani comes to view.

UNSC Commander: I need you in that fight, Noble-One. Noble-One, come in. Noble-One, do you read me?

Text appears on the planet.

Carter-A259: This is Sierra Two-Five-Nine. You've got Spartans on the ground, sir. We're not going anywhere.
FALLS 2010


The trailer without the ESRB notice is exactly 1:17 long, a reference to John's service number 117.