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Petty Officer Gruss, who also goes by "Doc", is a Hospital Corpsman of the United Nations Space Command Navy. She is assigned to Sunray 1-1, the command squad of the Boomerang Company of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers on the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[1] She was on the ship prior to the loss of its slipspace drive in February of 2531 and in April of 2559, she was part of Operation: SPEARBREAKER, a mission on Installation 00 to thwart a plot by the Covenant splinter faction known as the Banished.[1][2]


Gruss was present on the modified Phoenix-class colony ship, Spirit of Fire, on February 4, 2531 when it arrived at the Outer Colony of Harvest to fight the Covenant's Fleet of Glorious Interdiction there. She then went on to witness the Battle for Arcadia and the fight between the UNSC crew and the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction within the Forerunner shield world known as Trove. After the ship's Shaw-Fujikawa translight engine was sacrificed to destroy the shield world, Gruss entered cryostasis along with the other survivors.[2]

Over twenty-eight years later, she and everyone else were awakened to find themselves drifting above the extragalactic Installation 00, also known as the Ark.[3] There, the vessel's forces were forced to contend with the Banished, a heavily-armed faction of ex-Covenant that sought to control the Ark largely due to its capacity for producing Halo superweapons. After the departure of a newly-created Halo ring put it beyond the Banished's grasp on April 2, 2559, the Mgalekgolo pair known as Colony hatched a plot which James Cutter, captain of the Spirit of Fire, had no choice but to respond to. Gruss was attached to Sunray 1-1, which was tasked with stopping Colony's scheme as part of Operation: SPEARBREAKER. She was accompanied on this mission by Major Vaughan, Warrant Officer Quinn, Corporal Turpin, and Lance Corporal Sparks.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Gruss is a woman of very few words. The ODSTs of Sunray 1-1 make it their mission to interpret “Doc’s” opinion of their shenanigans by analyzing her body language, sighs, rude gestures, and grunts of disapproval. This friendly harassment ends when combat begins, for Doc holds the lives of the troopers in her able hands, wielding biofoam and trauma packs across the squad’s position with incredible skill and delicacy. So perfect is her timing in dealing with injury that it borders on the prescient, and squad members resign themselves to the inevitable if Doc appears near them during battle.[1]


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  1. ^ Gruss is referred to as a "UNSC Navy Medic", rather than a Corpsman on Waypoint, despite the fact that medical personnel attached to the Marine Corps are typically Hospital Corpsmen.


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