Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Mirage IIC/Helmet

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Helmet Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Image of the Athlon helmet
Misriah Armory Streamlined, efficient, adaptable. All features that make the re-engineered ATHLON a front-runner for mass production in this new age of strife. Epic TBD
HINF BALOR Helmet Icon.png
Korolev Heavy Industries Field tests of the BALOR will prove out the utility of the MSN-04 active sensor cluster and a streamlined, ground-up rewrite of the Mjolnir observation and emission control protocols. Legendary Purchase "Balor Bundle" from the Shop for 1,600 cR
HINF BELUS Helmet Icon.png
Naphtali Contractor Corporation BELUS helmets are all-purpose combat helmets being evaluated for use by unaugmented Army personnel. Naphtali is more than willing to take advantage of Spartan combat testing during the current crisis, while it evaluates future marketing plans. Epic TBD
HINF ERINYES Helmet Icon.png
Watershed Division ERINYES helmets and associated sub-processor modules are built around its first-generation deep-synchronization interface core, a crude emulation of reflection mirror neural feedback systems recovered from Forerunner war sphinx wreckage. Legendary Purchase "Aquahex Bundle" from the Shop for 2,200 cR
HINF EXTENDER Helmet Icon.png
Aves EXTENDER helmets can be used by unaugmented pilots and spacecrew, but only Spartans of one type or another can make use of its high-bandwith machine interlink mode. Epic Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 30 (Premium)
MIRAGE IIC Helmet icon
Materials Group MIRAGE IIC helmets compromise the full range of GEN3 capabilities to significantly reduce cost, complexity, and operator augmentation requirements compared to the Mark VII baseline. Common Unlocked by default
HINF NEITH Helmet Icon.png
Naphtali Contractor Corporation NEITH helmets feature an updated version of the GEN2 Tracer sensor suite, and little else. Life support and general-purpose computational capability were all sacrificed to manage cost. Epic Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 5 (Premium)
HINF NEXUS Helmet Icon.png
Emerson Tactical Systems Emerson has extended the Mirage production template to test several promising non-Mjolnir developments. NEXUS is the prototype variant featuring an autonomous netwar rig and swarm drone controller. Rare Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 77 (Free)
Street Viper helmet image
Watershed Division The Created were methodical in tracking down all known examples of STREET VIPER on Earth, eliminating each prototype and their Beta-5 testers, then wiping all records of its existence. The remaning helmets are now under close re-evaluation Legendary Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 95 (Premium)
HINF TYRO Helmet Icon.png
Hannibal Weapon Systems TYRO helmets possess minimal onboard sensor systems, but have multiple ultra-wideband interface channels for coordinating distributed, deep reconnaissance network arrays. Epic Mindfall Event Pass level 6
HINF VELES Helmet Icon.png
Emerson Tactical Systems Initially a testbed for experimental ECCM systems, newly manufactured VELES helmets have found a strong niche with tactical signals intelligence collection teams. Rare Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 47 (Premium)