Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Hazmat/Helmet

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Helmet Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
HINF Ashmaw Helmet Icon.png
JOTUN Heavy Industries With the right equipment, Spartans can thrive in stygian hulks and on infernal moons. Legendary Purchase the "Citrus Ashmaw" bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR
HINF Burrowlens Helmet Icon.png
Imbrium Machine Complex The mediating element of a greater war machine. Epic Purchase the "Toolmaster" bundle from the Shop for 1,400 cR
Icon of the FARKAS-class helmet
JOTUN Heavy Industries Humanity deployed many terrible weapons in their desperate defense against the genocidal Covenant. Now, brave souls need to search those CBRN-scarred sites for resources and potential safe havens. Epic Purchase "First Responder" Bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR
HINF MKVI CBRN Helmet Icon.png
Materials Group Refitted Mark VI helmets were used throughout the testing and evaluation of OSTEO. Rare Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 5 (Premium)
HINF Notus Helmet Icon.png
Korolev Heavy Industries The NOTUS is worn by warriors who patrol in poisoned winds, over corrupted earth, and under blighted waters. Rare Season 04: Infection HAZMAT Event Pass Level 5
HINF Oberon Helmet Icon.png
JOTUN Heavy Industries Managing the immense complexity of modern military engineering tasks without the assistance of smart AI's require both augmented personnel of uncommon mental flexibility and data management systems of supreme sophistication. Legendary Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 95 (Premium)
Icon of the Ogun helmet.
SinoViet Heavy Machinery Intended for shipbreaching teams, the OGUN has found a critical role in maintaining the surviving UNSC fleet through locating and extracting otherwise irreplaceable components from civilian vessels and destroyed warships. Rare Containment Event Pass Level 5
Icon of the Osteo helmet.
Imbrium Machine Complex Spartan combat engineers work in close cooperation with their Army and Marine cousins in demolition and hazmat missions, in addition to carrying out specialist tasks which require super-human reactions, strength, and situational awareness. Common Unlocked by default during Season 04: Infection
Icon image of the Project CORSAC helmet.
Project CORSAC
Imbrium Machine Complex Where these Spartans are going, they won't need visors. Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 100 (Free)
Icon image of the SERKET-class helmet.
Imbrium Machine Complex Spartans will appreciate the layers of redundant filtering and seals when hip-deep in FSC or liquid neurotoxins. Epic Purchase the "Latchpoint" bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR
Icon image of the SKARBNIK-class helmet.
Korolev Heavy Industries Delving deep into the crumbling mazes of light and force at the heart of dying Forerunner facilities. Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 30 (Premium)
Icon image of the Steelheart-class helmet.
Imbrium Machine Complex With any luck, the last thing a Flood-infested victim will ever see. Epic Purchase the "Steelheart" bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR
Icon of the Temfor helmet.
Korolev Heavy Industries There is no such thing as "too many precautions" when it comes to the Flood. Legendary Purchase the "Temfor" bundle from the Shop for 1,800 cR
VOIDSPEAR-class helmet icon.
SinoViet Heavy Machinery Hardened against industrial and combat threats faced by spaceborne combat engineering specialists. Epic Purchase the "Cyber Sundown" bundle from the Shop for 1,200 cR