Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Hazmat/Chest

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Chest Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon for the COMBIGUARD chest.
Imbrium Machine Complex Caution is paramount when the unseen enemy is as dangerous as the visible threat. Epic Purchase the "Latchpoint" bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR
Icon of the Ecotech Sampler chest.
JOTUN Heavy Industries Heavy-duty atmospheric sampling and analysis rig for industrial and colonial startup applications. Epic Containment Event Pass level 4
Fiberweave Plate chest icon.
Fiberweave Plate
Imbrium Machine Complex Open source solutions are finding foothold in an unsettled galaxy. Rare Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 2 (Premium)
Icon of the First Responder chest.
First Responder
Optican For when danger is more than just a middle name. Epic Purchase the "First Responder" bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR
Lifeguard Doc chest icon.
Lifeguard Doc
JOTUN Heavy Industries Tacpack kit adopted by the UNSC for use by first responder teams. Legendary Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 87 (Premium)
Icon for the Lifeguard Heartguard chest.
Lifeguard Heartguard
Optican Contains redundant defibrillation plates and medigel reservoirs for rapid stabilization and resuscitation. Epic Purchase the "Steelheart" bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR
Lifeguard SWT-PRO
Optican Go with the flow and enjoy a premium breathing experience. Exclusive from LifeGuard, your trusted partner in life-sustainment gear for over a century. Rare HAZMAT Event Pass level 4
Icon for the Pro-Tek Buster chest.
Pro-Tek Buster
Imbrium Machine Complex Reverse-engineering the technical foundations behind Covenant sealing foams are informing applications further into the civilian sector than ever before. Epic Purchase the "Toolmaster" or "Hazmat Haven" bundle from the Shop for 1,400 cR or 3,400 cR respectively
Icon for the Pro-Tek Extender chest.
Pro-Tek Extender
Imbrium Machine Complex Up-armored blast collar sufficiently rated for exessive incoming force. Common Unlocked by default
Icon for the Second Chance chest.
Second Chance
Optican Better to have half your body volume be filled out with biofoam and medigel than expire messily under the wan light of an unnamed star. Epic Purchase the "Second Chance" bundle from the shop for 1,200 cR
Icon for the Tac-Tool chest.
Korolev Heavy Industries Release in case of emergencies. Legendary Purchase the "Temfor" bundle from the shop for 1,800 cR
Techlock Safesource chest icon.
Techlock Safesource
SinoViet Heavy Machinery Some stones are meant to be left unturned. But when they are, ensure the sensor recordings are in hardened storage. Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 40 (Premium)
Icon for the Trapbox chest.
Watershed Division Tri-layered exomanifold rated for FSC spore intake and containment. Epic Purchase the "Cyber Sundown" bundle from the Shop for 1,200 cR
Venezian Omnicorder chest icon.
Venezian Omnicorder
Sevine Arms A blend of tactical practicality and idealistic ingenuity. Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 6 (Free)
Icon for the Voltspark Hub chest.
Voltspark Hub
Korolev Heavy Industries Integral charging and power relay. Compatible with contemporary UEG and UNSC energy grid standards. Legendary Purchase the "Citrus Ashmaw" bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR