Z-750 binary rifle/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

  • In the Campaign, the Binary Rifle is first found in Forerunner, where it can also be picked up from fallen Knight Lancers. It later appears in Infinity (where it can also be picked up from dead Crawler Snipes), Shutdown, and Midnight.
  • Unlike its UNSC and Covenant counterparts, the Binary Rifle is capable of instantly killing most enemies with one shot regardless of where it hits.
  • The Binary Rifle is very efficient as an anti-armor weapon, destroying light-armored vehicles in one or two shots and even heavy vehicles with only a few more.
  • The weapon features a much higher zoom level than its other counterparts, allowing for engagements from extreme distances. This is especially useful on maps like Ragnarok.
  • Unlike the other sniper-type weapons in the game, the Binary Rifle is plagued with an extreme spread penalty when hipfired, making it a poor choice for close range engagements.
  • The Binary Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, behind the Incineration Cannon with the Damage Boost. However, it is also one of the riskiest weapons to use.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • The Binary Rifle has been changed from its Halo 4 rendition in that it now fires a concentrated beam of antimatter-infused energy, in a similar fashion to a Halo: Reach-exclusive weapon: the Focus Rifle.
    • To land a kill with the weapon, at least 75% of the beam must hit.
    • It is less effective against moving targets unless the player has a steady hand and aim.
  • The weapon can now be safely hipfired as it no longer has a spread penalty, allowing for more hipfire kills to be earned with it, although it has moderate vertical recoil when hipfired.
  • In the Campaign, the Binary Rifle is first found in Unconfirmed, where it can be picked up from dead Armiger Snipers, but can be found earlier in Osiris via a secret weapons rack before entering the final area of the mission.
  • Players who are targeted with the Binary Rifle receive a bright glare on their visor to alert them. This is even more noticeable when the Binary Rifle is wielded by Armiger Snipers.
  • Like with the Incineration Cannon, the Binary Rifle can kill a player character in the campaign and make them unrevivable until they respawn. This applies to all variants of the weapon.
    • For this reason, players should be careful of Armiger Snipers, as they are commonly seen with this weapon, especially on Heroic or Legendary.
  • Warzone and Arena feature two variants:
    • Retina of the Mind's Eye: an improved Binary Rifle with increased magazine size of 4 rounds and total ammo count of 16 rounds, useful for prolonged long range engagements.
    • Twin Jewels of Maethrillian: an advanced Binary Rifle featuring dual beam emitters that fire longer and deal extra damage to armor with much less vertical recoil but the weapon cannot deal headshots to the front or back of an enemy's head. This weapon is ideal for use against heavy armor, vehicles, and bosses, but is otherwise not very effective against Knights.
      • This variant is also featured in the campaign missions Reunion and Guardians, where the player can use it to easily kill Armiger Soldier Officers and destroy Focus Turrets and Wraiths, even on Legendary difficulty.
      • Regardless of which Binary Rifle variant is used, make every shot count.