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Umbilicals connecting UNSC In Amber Clad to Cairo Station.

Umbilicals are corridors extending out from a vessel or space station to serve as docking points for other ships.[1]


In addition to the systems on UNSC ships and stations, many Covenant vessels, including the Ministry of Tranquility's missionary ships, are equipped with umbilicals.

Cairo Station Umbilicals[edit]

During an award ceremony on the orbital defense platform Cairo Station just before of the Battle of Earth, the frigate UNSC In Amber Clad was docked in Cairo's portside umbilical. John-117 cleared the umbilical en-route to the Covenant bomb in Firing Control. This allowed Commander Miranda Keyes, Sergeant Avery J. Johnson, and Commander Keyes' bridge crew to board the In Amber Clad and join the battle above Earth.[1]


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