Armory A-01

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Cairo Station Armory A-01 in Halo 2: Anniversary.

Armory A-01 is a generic United Nations Space Command term for any armory and armor testing facility on the port side of an orbital defense platform.[1]

Cairo Station Armory A-01[edit]

Cairo Station Armory A-01 was the armory on the port side of Cairo Station. It housed an energy shield test station that was used by the Master Gunnery Sergeant in charge of the armory to test the shields of John-117's new Mark VI MJOLNIR armor.[2] During the Battle of Earth, Covenant boarders invaded Armory A-01. Sangheili Stealth operatives armed with Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifles raided the armory and killed the Master Gunnery Sergeant, who was equipped with a shotgun. SPARTAN-117, from Hangar A-02, was not able to get to him in time (as the doors on the floor would not open), but was able to kill the Elites.[1]


Armory A-01's main stored weapon are SMGs; there are roughly a dozen SMGs, most in collapsible racks along the main wall. On the left hand table, there was a Battle Rifle, a Magnum, and three packets of Battle Rifle ammo. On the right hand table, there were three boxes of shotgun shells, plus two packets of SMG ammo. The far right side table has a medical box that is labeled "Rescue".[1]


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