Commons B-01

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An overhead of Commons B-01.

Commons B-01, also named Commons Blue, is a generic United Nations Space Command term for one of the commons modules on the port side of an Orbital defense platform. It consists of a standard-sized rectangular room, with elevated "islands" regularly spaced to the edges of the room. Security B-01 overlooks Commons B-01. It is also adjacent to Armory A-01.[1]

Cairo Station Commons Blue[edit]

Cairo Station Commons Blue was a port side commons of Cairo Station farthest from the bridge. During the Battle of Earth, Covenant boarders invaded Commons Blue, cutting down the Marines there with plasma cannon fire. By the time John-117 arrived, almost all the Marines were dead. The Master Chief had to fight past several lances of Unggoy and Sangheili as well as a number of plasma cannons.[1]



The Thunderstorm Skull can be found in here.

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