Hangar C-01

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Hangar C-01 is a generic United Nations Space Command term for one of the two-deck Pelican hangars below the MAC gun on an Orbital Defense Platform, such as the Cairo.[1]

Cairo Station Hangar C-01[edit]

The hangar in the Halo 2 announcement trailer.

During the Battle of Earth, John-117 was able to capture the Covenant antimatter charge from Firing control by wrestling it from the hands of its Sangheili and Unggoy guards, moving it to Hangar C-01, and then activating the airlock door, explosively decompressing the bay. The SPARTAN-II was miraculously able to guide his trajectory to intersect with a nearby unshielded Covenant assault carrier. Entering the ship's cavernous engine room through a hole in the hull created by two Longswords, the Master Chief set the Covenant bomb to detonate and drifted away towards the UNSC In Amber Clad while the antimatter charge detonated, destroying the assault carrier.[1]

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