Mainz Träger

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The logo of the company.

Mainz Träger is a human company. The company apparently had contracts with Traxus Heavy Industries, as several containers bearing Mainz Träger's logo were scattered throughout Traxus' Factory Complex 09.[1]



Multiple advertisements for Mainz Träger were posted throughout the city of New Mombasa before its eventual destruction.[3]

The company's headquarters was located in New Alexandria on Reach. It was destroyed on August 26, 2552 when the city was glassed by the Covenant.[4]

In 2556, Mainz Träger was under "Active Investigation" by ONI after the Sedra terrorist attack.[5]


The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:


  • The company's name may be a reference to the German city of Mainz, Germany, birthplace of the modern printing press. It may also be where the company was founded. "Träger" is German for "carrier". As such, the translated name of the company is "Mainz Carrier."
  • Mainz Träger may be a parallel of the present day company, Mercedes-Benz.


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