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The Legion of Honor ribbon

The Legion of Honor, sometimes referred to as the Medal of Honor, is an accolade awarded to United Nations Space Command personnel for selfless acts of heroism or daring in combat. The medal is one of the highest honors a member of the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, or the Air Force can receive. The Legion is nearly identical to the Medal of Honor used by the former United States Armed Forces.[1][2]


After his leap of tactical insight during the Callisto Incident of 2494, Central Command dithered over whether to award then-Ensign Preston Cole the Legion of Honor, or to have him court-martialed for a breach of protocol and abuse of Common Space Law. Ultimately they did neither to avoid setting precedent.[3]

Spartan John-117 had earned the medal as of July 2552. He was awarded the Legion for diving into a bunker full of Covenant soldiers, single-handedly defeating them, and ultimately saving a platoon of Marines from a nearby Shade turret.[4] In March 2555, Admiral Serin Osman awarded Captain Annabelle Richards with the Legion of Honor because of her actions during the mission to Installation 00.[5]

Notable recipients[edit]

The US Medal of Honor, precursor to the UNSC's Legion of Honor

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