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Spartan Tanaka (93312-28001-HT)
Tanaka, Holly
Rank: Spartan
Height: 201cm
Weight: 108kg
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Homeworld: Minab
Birth: July 9, 2530
Quiet, self-reliant, and unfazeable, Holly Tanaka has no close friends, and rarely fraternizes with her fellow Spartans. She is a founding member of Fireteam Osiris together with Spartan Locke, though even he does not know her too well. This reticence to connect with others is a result of her traumatic experience as a survivor of Minab's glassing in 2550.

Tanaka serves as the engineering and electronics expert of Fireteam Osiris. Her keen mind and broad experience allow her to discern the function and operation of human, Covenant, and Forerunner devices and traps without the assistance of Smart AI analysts.

Notable Operations
As of August 2558, Spartan Tanaka completed 23 military operations [14 full campaigns] in her combined Army Corps of Engineers and Spartan career. Her first deployment as a Spartan was with Fireteam Domino during Infinity's mission to Requiem in February 2558.