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TB-SB-1 inside Installation 05's quarantine zone.

TB-SB-1 was a specialized UNSC M808B Scorpion tank that featured thicker armor and a sturdier chassis than the standard M808B.[1] As well as its modifications, the tank was a black color and had a painting of a black lightning bolt surrounded by a white field on its front left tread cover.[2]


TB-SB-1 was assigned to the UNSC In Amber Clad in 2552. In November of that year, when the ship was at Installation 05, the tank was deployed into the quarantine zone surrounding the Library while Commander Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson searched for the Activation Index. The Marines operating the tank were either killed or infected by the Flood present on the installation, as the vehicle was under the control of a Flood combat form attacking the local Sentinel forces by the time the Arbiter Thel 'Vadamee passed through the area.[2]


TB-SB-1 appears on Delta Halo and Quarantine Zone on Easy and Normal difficulties. On Heroic and Legendary, the tank instead appears with the designation UE8-14.


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