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M808B Scorpion 030569 deployed in an icy ravine on Installation 04. From Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign level Assault on the Control Room.030569 in an icy canyon on Installation 04.
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M808B Scorpion



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030569 was a UNSC M808B Main Battle Tank that was attached to Fireteam Zulu during the Battle of Installation 04 in September 2552.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

When Fireteam Zulu's Pelican crashed in the canyons close to Installation 04's Control Room, 030569 detached from the aircraft and slid on the ice some 20 meters. It was discovered alongside the fire team by John-117 during his assault on the Control Room, who used it to fight his way through the canyons, destroying multiple Karo'etba-pattern Ghosts and Zurdo-pattern Wraith. With the tank, the Chief recovered other survivors of Fireteam Zulu and smashed Covenant defensive positions across the region. However, John and the Marines had to abandon the tank at a set of pipes where it was too narrow for the tank to continue.[1]


  • This tank appears to be the only tank in Halo: Combat Evolved, as all multiplayer tanks are labeled alike (even though the hatch is built differently).
  • The tank is indestructible in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • The tank's serial number is a reference to Marcus R. Lehto, Halo's Art Director, who was born on March 5, 1969.[2]


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