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Qoo 'Weyodosee was a Sangheili officer formerly in the service of the armed forces of the Covenant.[1] During the Human-Covenant War, he served as a shipmaster in the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience under Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee, before joining 'Kvarosee's cadre of mutineers in the Flotilla of Unsung Piety following 'Kvarosee's "reassignment" for his failures at the Battle of Zhoist.[2] 'Weyodosee would later take command as shipmaster of the intrusion corvette Quiet Faith[1] - the flagship of the flotilla - and was able to successfully escape the space combat of the Battle of Netherop.[3]


Qoo 'Weyodosee served as one of the loyal shipmasters serving under Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee in the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience during Nizat's conquest of humanity in the first year of the Human-Covenant War. Following the fleet's failure to defend Zhoist from the United Nations Space Command, 'Kvarosee was summoned back to High Charity for reprimand by the Hierarchs. To attend the meeting, 'Kvarosee was escorted by his steward Tam 'Lakosee and eight shipmasters of the fleet - one of whom was 'Mootasee. The nine warriors served as a bodyguard for 'Kvarosee against potential Silent Shadow assassins and carried Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifles and energy swords to make up for the unarmed nature of the fleetmaster, while also carrying a number of boxes containing shards of glass taken from the glassed worlds of Nizat's conquest to add to the Shard Chamber of High Charity.[2]

Following Nizat's failed meeting with the Hierarchs, Nizat was ordered to return his Luminal Beacon to the Beacon Keeper before returning to Pious Rampage for "reassignment". Unwilling to accept a mere assassination, 'Kvarosee instead killed the Honor Guardsmen guarding the Beacon Keeper's Vault and then requested his escort to trust him and his judgement. The ten entered the vault and were able to rouse the Beacon Keeper from his sleep, getting him to hand over the remaining Luminal Beacon (and the beacons' receiver units) before tying him up and putting him in one of the storage lockers as not to sound the alarm. At this point, Yey 'Mootasee pointed out that the Beacon Keeper could have hidden mechanisms in place to sound the alarm even while tied up, and felt that they should silence the San'Shyuum as to prevent their escape from being hindered. Nizat agreed, and all ten warriors plunged their energy swords into the Beacon Keeper's chest to confirm their devotion to Nizat and his newly-founded Flotilla of Unsung Piety.[2]

Qoo took command of the intrusion corvette Quiet Faith, the flagship for the flotilla, and the ship used by Nizat as his command post. During the Battle of Netherop, he was the one to report the appearance of the Fleet of Swift Justice to Nizat, suggesting that the intrusion corvette flotilla still had time to leave Netherop without detection from the encroaching Covenant fleet. However, Nizat was reluctant to give up his mission and instead ordered 'Weyodosee and the other shipmasters to plot a gravity assist around Netherop - deploying Nizat, Tam, and some Rangers near the Steadfast Strike crash-site via breaching carapace before emerging back into orbit. By firing the corvettes' engines, the UNSC's Task Force Pantea would attempt to pursue, and be driven into combat with the Fleet of Swift Justice. As the Fleet of Swift Justice's numbers grew, 'Weyodosee began to panic and grow insubordinate against Nizat's command, leading the fleetmaster to resort to a more gentle persuasion to bring 'Weyodosee around to his train of thought - unwilling to discipline a shipmaster serving under him in a high-intensity situation. 'Weyodosee was then left to plot the gravity assist manoeuvre, something he was able to successfully accomplish.[1][4]

As the senior shipmaster of the flotilla's flagship, 'Weyodosee was to take charge of the flotilla in the event of fleetmaster 'Kvarosee's death - something disputed by Tam 'Lakosee due to 'Weyodosee's cowardice. Nizat countered this with his belief that 'Weyodosee was a cunning coward; as long as ONI fell for the trap set before them, he believed 'Weyodosee would finish the mission Nizat had started and ensure ONI's destruction, thus redeeming the flotilla in the eyes of the gods.[5]

However, as the mission began to go sideways, Nizat began to expect that 'Weyodosee may have already fallen back to the system's edge to watch the UNSC and Covenant fight in orbit from afar, as not to risk his own ship.[3] At the battle's conclusion, 'Weyodosee's self-interest did prevail, as the Helios Ultra dispatched to hunt down Nizat reported that all of the corvettes of the flotilla had been destroyed with the exception of Quiet Faith and Silent Truth. Nizat did not expect 'Weyodosee to continue the mission with only two corvettes left, though still retained some hope nonetheless.[3]

After the Silent Shadow marooned Nizat and his cohort on Netherop, Nizat retained some expectation that 'Weyodosee would rebuild the flotilla's strength and eventually come to finish their mission - redeeming them in the eyes of the Covenant.[6] However, by 2559, this evidently had not happened as ONI continued to exist when the UNSC and the Swords of Sanghelios returned to Netherop and discovered that Nizat's stranded forces had rebranded themselves as the Defenders of the Sanctum and waged a guerilla war against Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov's human survivors for over thirty years. This left the fate of 'Weyodosee and his escaping forces unknown as they evidently either never carried out or were unsuccessful in their mission.[7]

Personality and traits[edit]

'Lakosee: "Forgive me, Fleetmaster, but I must speak freely. 'Weyodosee is a coward."
'Kvarosee: "But a cunning coward."
— Tam 'Lakosee and Nizat 'Kvarosee discuss 'Weyodosee's aptitude for leadership.[5]

Qoo 'Weyodosee was described as broad-bodied, and as having stubby mandibles. Although considered by Nizat to be a competent captain,[3] he was not able to deal with high-pressure situations well; when faced with the ever-growing numbers of the Fleet of Swift Justice, 'Weyodosee began to panic and grow insubordinate against Fleetmaster 'Kvarosee's wishes - continuously urging the fleetmaster to depart Netherop for safety.[1] Appropriately, both Nizat 'Kvarosee and Tam 'Lakosee considered 'Weyodosee to be a coward - though Nizat considered him a cunning one capable of taking over command of the Flotilla of Unsung Piety should 'Kvarosee be killed in combat - and shrewd enough to complete the mission set out before him - redeeming all of the Flotilla's personnel in the eyes of the gods.[5]

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