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Halo: The Fall of Reach[edit]


  • "Four of us. And a thousand of them? Piss-poor odds for the little guys." - Kelly's remark to seeing an army of Unggoy filling an entire valley.
  • "Red Team reports mission objective achieved, Chief. They send their compliments."
  • "It's a shame to leave this place. There are so few left." - As the team is extracted from Jericho VII.
  • "Will there?" - After John tells her there will be other places to fight for.

Chapter 4[edit]

  • "I'm Kelly." - Kelly introduces herself to John on the first day of training.
  • "And I'll jump on top of you." - Kelly and Sam threaten John to not abandon his team again.
  • "I'm fast. Real fast." - After John identifies the basket and rope they need to reach right away.

Chapter 5[edit]

  • "You'll lose. I'm a dead aim with snowballs." - After Sam calls the mountain range they're landing in a good place for a snowball fight.
  • "Let's get the map pieces together."
  • "Some of these don't belong, and some are copies." - While assembling the map.
  • "Yes, here's an edge. Got it--this is the lake, the river, and here's... that's got to be the extraction point."
  • "If the legend on the map is right, it's a full day's hike. We better get started."
  • "How? Mendez said-" - After John claims none of the Spartans will be left behind.
  • "That's me. I'm the fastest." - After John says they need "a rabbit" to distract the guards.
  • "You think I can't do my part?" - After John offers to take her place as "the rabbit".
  • "Hey! You got any food? I'm starving." - Kelly yells out to the guards.
  • "Hang on a sec. I dropped my jacket back there. I'll be right back." - Kelly's excuse for running off.
  • "That guy fell and hit his head. Over here!" -
  • "Who's getting left behind?" - As the Spartans step aboard the Albatross to fly home.

Chapter 9[edit]

  • “These our new trainee uniforms?” - Kelly after being handed grease-stained coveralls.
  • “They don’t give a girl much to work with.” - After being informed it's a disguise for the Laden.
  • “They’re too tight. It’ll limit my range of motion.” - After being given a black body suit.
  • “You have enough of that stuff?” - After Sam packs two backpacks full of C-12.

Chapter 10[edit]

  • “I’m in. There’s no AI or serious encryption... accessing their system now.” - As Kelly hacks into the Laden's network.
  • “They’ve got a nav trajectory to the asteroid belt. ETA is ten hours.”
  • “I’ve got something.”
  • “I’ll give you a hint. The Chief smokes them.” - When John fails to notice the Sweet William cigars listed for delivery in the Laden's cargo hold.
  • “Luxury items. I bet they’re headed straight for a special delivery to Colonel Watts or his officers.”
  • "We're decelerating."
  • “Cigars are this way.” - As Blue Team follows the package for Watts.
  • “Too slow. We’ve got to assume that when Colonel Watt goes missing, his people are going to look for him.” - After Sam asks if they should use the Laden again to extract Colonel Watts.
  • “This overlooks the alley between buildings. No activity.”
  • “The bullet is still inside. There’s a lot of internal bleeding. Hang on.” - After John is shot in the side.
  • “This might sting a little.” - As Kelly prepares to apply biofoam.
  • "You're good for a few hours."
  • “Your suit is breached We better get to the ship now, before Sam sets off his fireworks.”
  • “Something bothering you? How’s that biofoam holding up?” - After John winces towards the end of the mission.

Chapter 13[edit]

  • “Flawless amplification of speed and power. It’s like I’ve been training in this suit for years.”

Chapter 14[edit]

  • “I think we’re it. I’m not getting any other responses over the COM channels.” - Kelly regarding the lack of other Spartans aboard.
  • “Artificial gravity? Dr. Halsey would love to see this.” - After Blue Team lands inside the Unrelenting.
  • “You think they need all this space because they’re so large?” - Noting the abundance of space in the ship's hallway.
  • “Hang on. These characters are strange, but one of them has to open this.” - When examing the Covenant holopad to open the hall's door.
  • “I’m getting a radiation reading this way.”
  • “That’s got to be the source of the radiation. Their reactor... or maybe a weapons system.” - Inspecting the ship's power source.
  • “What are you talking about?” - When John orders Sam to stay behind with the bomb.
  • “That’s nothing We’ll get you patched up in no time. Once we get back—” - Upon seeing the burn hole in Sam's suit.
  • “No. No—everyone gets out alive. We don’t leave teammates behind.”

Chapter 20[edit]

  • "Yes sir."
  • “Reporting as ordered.” -
  • “Affirmative. Who’ll have the detonator, sir?” - After being ordered to carry their nuke and medical gear.
  • “Blue-Two to Lead: rear-guard eliminated.” - After taking out a patrol of Grunts.
  • “There’s access to the building—a ladder and a steel plate welded shut. We can burn through it.”

Chapter 22[edit]

  • “Master Chief? Our orders, sir?” - After John pauses while wondering if they should detonate their nuke now or not.
  • “Picking up motion sensor signals.”
  • “Done. They may have gotten a piece of us, though.” - When told to jam the enemy's motion sensors.

Chapter 32[edit]

  • “Sir? I thought we were accelerating to enter Slipspace?” - When the Pillar of Autumn starts turning and then braking.
  • “Sir? I know this mission will be tough, but... do you ever get the feeling that this is like one of Chief Mendez’s missions? Like there’s a trick... some twist that we’ve overlooked?” - Privately to John, as the Fall of Reach begins.

Chapter 34[edit]

  • “Master Chief sir, permission to lead the space op, sir.” - As the Spartans prepare to secure the Circumference.
  • “Attention!” - To the other Spartans assembled.

Halo: First Strike[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

  • "Looks like we're in for more surprises." - After the Pillar of Autumn changes course.
  • "Master Chief, permission to lead the space op." - Kelly beats Fred to volunteering first.
  • "Attention!"
  • "Chief, we'll get that COM malfunction squared away after we hit planetside."
  • "Fire in the hole!" - When blasting open the drop hatch.
  • "Too hot for them. We're on our own." - When the Seraphs drop the chase.
  • "Twelve thousand meters to go."
  • "Eight kilometers and this brick is dropping fast."

Chapter 2[edit]

  • "Chief! Fred, get up. We've got to move."
  • "Almost everyone has minor damage: a few blown shield generators, sensor systems, a dozen broken bones and contusions. Nothing we can't compensate for."
  • "Six Spartans have more serious injuries. They can fight from a fixed position, but they have limited mobility."
  • "...Four KIA."
  • You did what you had to. Most of us wouldn't have made it if you hadn't been thinking on your feet.
  • "Plenty. Our gear--munitions boxes, bags of extra weapons--they're scattered across what's passing for our LZ. Only a few of us have assault rifles, maybe five in total."
  • "Move, Spartans. Formation Beta to the NAV point."
  • "Thanks. I'd still prefer my rifle to this alien piece of junk." - Kelly's response to being handed a plasma pistol.
  • "Affirmative, Chief. But just barely." - When Fred retorts that using a plasma pistols beats using rocks.

Chapter 3[edit]

  • "Negative, sir. There are battle reports jamming the entire spectrum, but from what I can make out the fight upstairs isn't going well. They need this generator up--no matter what it's going to cost us." - When asked about her progress on securing a link to SATCOM.
  • "Wait. Incoming transmission to Charlie Company from Reach HighCom."
  • "They check out." - Regarding the transmission's verification codes.
  • "We're going for a ride?" - On when seeing the captured Banshees in the compound.
  • "Permission to speak, sir."
  • "I'm all for a good fight, Fred, but those odds are a little lopsided even for us... like ten thousand to one."
  • "So, assuming we fool them into letting us into their lines... then what?"
  • "It'll also turn that ship into the biggest fragmentation grenade in history." - After Fred explains his plan to detonate the tac-nuke inside the Covenant cruiser itself.

Chapter 4[edit]

  • "Did we get 'em?" After detonating the nuke.
  • "Joshua?"
  • "That's it. We've lost. Reach is going to fall."

Chapter 12[edit]

  • "EMP. Or some plasma effect."
  • "Didn't you see while we were airborne? There's about half the entire Covenant assault force just ahead."
  • "Half a klick."
  • "Red-21 can take care of his team. Don't worry. Take a look at this."
  • "I can't think of a better disguise than five tons of Covenant armor." - Regarding a group of nearby unpiloted Wraiths.
  • "The other possibility?"
  • "I was afraid you were going to say that. But you're right." - Regarding the plan to save Delta Team.
  • "Red-One, ready when you are."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "I'm on it." - After Fred tells her to blaze a trail with her Wraith.
  • "Hurry."
  • "Get below. We'll cover you."
  • "You spoke to the people on the other side?" - When Will claims to have tried everything to open the door into Menachite Mountain.
  • "Or maybe you're just not saying anything they want to hear." Referring to Oly Oly Oxen Free.

Chapter 13[edit]

  • "Doctor Halsey." - Sluggishly, due to injuries.
  • "And they had digging equipment in position over this facility." - When Fred says it's curious that the Covenant haven't glassed this area yet.
  • "Doctor Halsey, where are the others?" - Regarding the other personnel at CASTLE Base.
  • "Then why are you still here, ma'am?" - When Halsey says they evacuated.
  • "I understand." - Raspy, when told she's fine.
  • "No, ma'am. I'm ready to—"

Chapter 14[edit]

  • "Her office collapsed. Support beam missed her by a centimeter." - When finding Halsey injured.
  • "Affirmative." - When told to watch for camouflaged Elites.

Chapter 15[edit]

  • "They'll be able to get a fix on our position. All they need is three ships nearby to triangulate. We need to get out of here—fast." - After the Forerunner crystal gives a burst of neutrinos.
  • "Passage. Ground floor. Dead ahead. I'll enter and clear."

Halo: Glasslands[edit]

  • "Damn, I've finally been outrun. Oh, the shame of it." - Upon failing to catch a Forerunner medical drone in the shield world.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn[edit]

Episode 5[edit]

  • "I've alerted Command." - When John tells there are three survivors with him.
  • "That's classified." - When asked how old she is by Corbulo's survivors.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Blue Team

  • "He's fine, Fred." - In response to Fred commenting that he hasn't seen John "press himself like this since we were in boot camp".
  • "Fastest route to retrieval is to seize Central Control. Eliminate hostiles between here and there, then deactivate gravity and life support systems."
  • "They lost years of expensive R&D with this station." - In response to either John or Fred commenting about a stealth-class vessel being designed.
  • "They must be stripping that experimental ship for parts."
  • "Push through this resistance and reach Central Control!"
  • "Nobody's left standing. Let's move on to Central Control." - When all hostiles in the shipyard have been destroyed. Sometimes, Fred will say this instead.
  • "The Covenant seem particularly disorganized lately." - Commenting about the fall of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Only said if the player stalls in the shipyard.
  • "I wouldn't miss it." - In response to Fred having weird feelings about not fighting Covenant after many years.
  • "Signage here for Central Control, through those doors." - If she gets to the catwalk to Central Control first. Sometimes, Linda will say this instead.
  • "Chief? What's wrong?" - After Chief has a vision of a seemingly alive Cortana.
  • "Chief. What did Cortana say to you?"
  • "Covenant battlenet just lit up."
  • "Covenant battlenet just lit up. And I think I know why. Covenant ships exiting slipspace."
  • "There's chatter about Jul 'Mdama on Covenant comms. The new arrivals say he's dead."
  • "Schematics show a path to the reactor through here."
  • "I guess the UNSC has better reactor safety protocol than the Covenant."
  • "Shame to lose the Argent Moon, but I'd love to see the look on the Covenant's faces when she goes supernova."
  • "Grab Banshees. We can target the pipes more easily from the air."
  • "Calling in the Pelican! ...No signal on autopilot retrieval! Armada must've taken it out."
  • "Whoever they are, let's get to Meridian before they do." - When she and the rest of Blue Team depart for Meridian before Fireteam Osiris can.


  • "There's another one." - Upon seeing a Guardian come out of a slipspace portal.
  • "No comm traffic on any band. No long-range uplinks at all." - In response to Fred asking where Blue Team is upon arriving on Genesis.
  • "This place is incredible." - When commenting about Genesis.
  • "There's a dead Grunt here. What the hell are the Covenant doing here?" - If she approaches Jeem Ribfi's dead body before encountering the first group of Covenant.
  • "They seem confused. I don't think they've been here long." - In response to Linda asking about what the Covenant are doing in Genesis.
  • "I'm curious. I never worked with an AI before. Not like you did with Cortana at least. What's it like, her voice in your head all of the time?" - When asking John about his past experiences with Cortana.
  • "Assuming we're right and Cortana is on this planet, how did she get here?"
  • "If that signal is Cortana, she's leading us to the consoles." - When boarding the second elevator on the way to Cortana.
  • "It's another one of those..." - If she sees the Guardian come out of the slipspace portal near the light bridge first.
  • "I wonder... Have the Covenant been coming through with them?" - Upon sighting another Guardian exiting a slipspace portal.
  • "Light bridge activated on approach." - If she activates the light bridge.
  • "We're definitely being led somewhere." - When crossing the light bridge.
  • "What did this?" - Upon observing Covenant corpses.
  • "How are you still active. Rampancy-" - When asking Cortana about how she managed to survive her apparent destruction aboard the Mantle's Approach.
  • "Is that where the Gateway is?" - In response to Cortana telling Blue Team that the exit to the Gateway is ahead of them.
  • "There it is." - If she spots the Gateway first.

The Breaking

  • "Where'd she take us?"
  • "You what?"
  • "Chief? We're not gonna solve this standing here."
  • "You think it's a trap." - In response to Linda claiming that it "makes no tactical sense for [Cortana] to let us get close".
  • "Got a Knight." - When Blue Team encounters the first two Promethean Knights in the level.
  • "I only see one way outta here, Chief." - If she reaches the door in the first area before Blue Team has cleared all hostiles.
  • "We're here for you." - If the player stalls.
  • "Cortana is letting this happen. She could rein in Warden if she wanted to."
  • "Is this a losing battle?"
  • "Snipers!" - When Armiger Snipers appear in the second-to-last part of the mission.
  • "Let's keep moving. Can't be far now."
  • "Soldiers!" - When the last group of Armiger Officers appears.
  • "He's brought in Focus Turrets." - When only one Warden Eternal remains.
  • "Chief? What are you going to do?"


Attacking and spotting enemies

  • "Enemy firing from that ledge!"
  • "Hostile spotted on the ledge."
  • "Got one moving to cover!" - when she sees an enemy retreat to cover.
  • "Turret's still in hostile hands!" - when she sees a turret still standing.
  • "Let's light him up!" - when she fires her weapon.
  • "Engaging!" - when she fires her weapon.
  • "That's a hit." - when she damages an enemy.
  • "Injured one." - when she damages an enemy.
  • "Landed a hit! - when she damages an enemy.
  • "That one's hurt!" - when she damages an enemy.
  • "He's hit!" - when she damages an enemy.
  • "Target's wounded!" - when she damages an enemy.
  • "Firing on the Jackal." - when she damages a Jackal.
  • "Jackal's injured!" - when she damages a Jackal.
  • "I'll take this Elite!" - when she damages an Elite.
  • "Elite's almost down!" - when she damages an Elite.
  • "Wounded a Soldier!" - when she damages a Soldier.
  • "Soldier's armor is damaged!" - when she damages a Soldier.
  • "Here comes a grenade!" - upon seeing an enemy throw a grenade.
  • "Watch the grenade!" - upon seeing an enemy throw a grenade.
  • "Hostile's charging!" - upon seeing an enemy charge towards Blue Team.

Receiving orders

  • "Going now."
  • "Roger!"
  • "Consider it done."
  • "Yes sir."
  • "Copy!"
  • "Opening up on the turret!" - when taking orders to operate a stationary turret.
  • "A weapon like that will just slow me down." - when ordered to pick up a detached turret or Energy Sword.
  • "Heavy ordnance should go to you, Chief." - when ordered to pick up a detached turret or Energy Sword.

Picking up weapons

  • "Picked up an assault rifle." - when picking up an Assault Rifle.
  • "DMR's all mine." - when picking up a DMR.
  • "Got a sword here." - when picking up an Energy Sword.
  • "Beam rifle here." - when picking up a Beam Rifle.
  • "Let's go with a Suppressor." - when picking up a Suppressor.
  • "Going with a lightrifle." - when picking up a LightRifle.
  • "Switching to a Scattershot." - when picking up a Scattershot.
  • "Got a binary rifle." - when picking up a Binary Rifle.
  • "Picked up an incineration cannon." - when picking up an Incineration Cannon.

Observing teammates

  • "Nice one!" - when she observes a teammate kill an enemy.
  • "Solid kill, Chief!" - when she observes Chief kill an enemy.
  • "Good eye, Fred!" - when she observes Fred kill an enemy.

Receiving enemy fire

  • "Jackal's wearing me down!" - when targeted by a Jackal.
  • "Elite's knocking my shields down!" - when targeted by an Elite.
  • "Elite's all over me!" - when targeted by an Elite.
  • "Get this Crawler off me!" - when targeted by a Crawler.
  • "Soldier's hammering my shields!" - when targeted by a Soldier.
  • "Knight's getting some shots in!" - when targeted by a Knight.
  • "Gotta lose this Banshee!" - when targeted by a Banshee.
  • "Grenade on me!" - if she is stuck with a plasma grenade.

Receiving and watching friendly fire

  • "Check your targets!"
  • "Friendly here! Watch it!"
  • "Hey! Watch your fire!"
  • "Check your aim, Spartan!" - if a teammate hits her with a weapon.
  • "Hey! Careful, Chief!" - if Chief hits her.
  • "Chief! Watch your fire!" - if Chief hits her with a weapon.
  • "Watch it, Fred!" - if Fred hits her.
  • "Hey! I'm downrange, Fred!" - if Fred hits her.
  • "I'm in your line of fire, Linda!" - if Linda hits her.
  • "Linda! Adjust your aim!" - if Linda hits her with a weapon.
  • "Grenade on you, Spartan!" - if she sees a teammate stuck with a plasma grenade.

When downed

  • "I'm down!" - upon being incapacitated.
  • "Need some help!" - upon being incapacitated.
  • "I'm fading!" - randomly said after being incapacitated.
  • "I can't hold out." - randomly said after being incapacitated.
  • "Systems have crashed." - randomly said after being incapacitated.
  • "I'm still down." - randomly said after being incapacitated.
  • "Armor's locked up." - randomly said after being incapacitated.
  • "I need a hand!" - when requesting assistance.
  • "I need support!" - when requesting assistance.

Reviving players

  • "Back on your feet, Spartan!" - when reviving a teammate.
  • "Got you stabilized." - when reviving a teammate.
  • "I've got you, Chief." - when reviving Chief.
  • "You're all set, Frederic!" - when reviving Fred.
  • "On your feet, Fred!" - when reviving Fred.
  • "You're alright, Linda!" - when reviving Linda.
  • "Systems are green, Linda!" - when reviving Linda.
  • "Thanks, Spartan." - after being revived.
  • "Thanks, I'm good." - after being revived.

If a teammate dies

  • "We lost Chief! Just hold on." - if Chief dies.
  • "Chief is out! Keep it together!" - if Chief dies.
  • "We lost Fred! Hold the line!" - if Fred dies.
  • "Fred's out! Hold together." - if Fred dies.
  • "Linda's gone! Fall back." - if Linda dies.