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JOTUN Heavy Industries
Icon for the Jotun manufacturer in Halo Infinite.
Jotun logo.

Jotun Heavy Industries is a human company based on Mars.[1] They design and manufacture farming and other agriculture equipment and are specialized in the construction of semi-autonomous farm machinery.


During the First Battle of Harvest, Harvest's agricultural operations AI, Mack, used JOTUN cropdusters to knock down a Dextro Xur-pattern Spirit in Utgard. After the human survivors escaped the planet, Mack transferred himself into the thousands of JOTUNs operating on the planet. As the Covenant glassed Harvest, Mack used the JOTUN machines to relay messages to the colony's shipping operations AI, Sif, when both of their data arrays had been destroyed. His messages were later recorded in ONI Colonial Security Estimate 2525.10.110.

In 2556, Jotun Heavy Industries was "Flagged for Review" by ONI after the Sedra terrorist attack.[2]


There were at least five series of JOTUNs farming equipment and at least one prototype model as of 2525.

Series 2[edit]

This series was considered obsolete by 2525 and mainly used by smaller farmers on Harvest.[1]

Series 4[edit]

Series 4 gondolas collect crops from the sides of the machines. Johnson and Byrne used one of these to provide a distraction while they snuck up on the Colonial Militia recruits during a training exercise at the Harvest Reactor Complex. They were one of the types of JOTUN that Mack used to host his consciousness after his data center had been destroyed.[1]

Series 5[edit]

The series 5 Gondolas collect crops from the rear of the machine. It is powered by a three thousand horsepower ethanol-electric engine. Mack used machines of this series to host himself after the destruction of his data center.[1]

Multi-tasking machines[edit]

Although their official name is unknown, Johnson saw these in the Harvest's capital city of Utgard.[1] They are a series of JOTUNs that are capable of doing a large variety of different tasks.


One of the prototypes was on a DCS freighter, This End Up, commanded by Henry "Hank" Gibson, who was killed in the resulting fight with the Covenant. When the Covenant attacked the vessel, the Huragok Lighter Than Some saw the prototype and later built a new vehicle type based on it as a peace offering for humanity. However, the Jiralhanae of the Rapid Conversion appropriated the Huragok's creation as a combat vehicle and it became the template for what would be later known as the Brute Chopper.

The machine Gibson was carrying was a massive machine designed to till wide swaths of earth. It has six massive wheels and a large beam with spikes on the front to carry around the earth.


JOTUN cropdusters are used to spray fertilizers and fungicides on a variety of crops.

Elephant HRVs[edit]

JOTUN also manufactures the M312 and M313 "Elephant" mobile recovery platforms, as well as the vehicle's civilian variant, the Olifant garbage truck.[3]

Neides heavy auger[edit]

The EM-240 Neides auger is a heavy-duty, durable, mining machine that has offers nearly unsurpassed productivity to colonial resource-extraction operations. Using the latest in solid-state laser technologies, the Neides excels at yielding higher drilling efficiencies and reducing the risk for operational errors.[4]


The JOTUN Arilus is a popular utility truck that can be fitted with a large number of specialized tool attachments. Many Arilus trucks used on Meridian are fitted with special-purpose glass-boring drills designed to bore into the vitrified soil on glassed colony worlds.[4]


Almost nothing is known about JOTUN's Series 1 and 3 machines.



The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:


  • The name JOTUN is a phrase from Norse mythology, meaning "giant", fitting with the many Norse references on Harvest. In-universe, this is merely coincidental, as the firm itself is not based on Harvest.
  • In Halo 3: ODST, Jotun's company logo can be seen on multiple buildings in New Mombasa, suggesting that they had a branch in the city.


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