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John-117 (Spartan-117)
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Height: 218cm
Weight: 130kg
Hair: Brown
Eye: Blue
Homeworld: Eridanus II
Birth: March 7, 2511
John-117 is currently serving as leader on Spartan Blue Team. Throughout his extensive military career, John-117 had displayed characteristics and behaviours that are nothing short of extraordinary. Generally a man of few words, John-117 prefers action to discourse, and is often described as impassive, stoic, and focused.

Though proficient in all aspects of infantry tactics as well as the basics of aerospace combat, John-117's most notable skill is his ability to effectively and efficiently direct operational detachments ranging in size from fireteam to battalions. It has been noted that UNSC personnel at all levels defer to John-117's experience and charisma, giving him authority that far outstrips his notional rank.

Notable Operations
As of August 2558, John-117 has completed 209 military operations [136 full campaigns]; more than any other UNSC personnel on record. Though John-117 has commanded nearly every other Spartan-II at one time or another, the lion's share of his career has been spent as fireteam leader of Blue Team. His actions during the Covenant War have earned John-117 every UNSC combat award, as well as several dozen civilian honors. His complete record is only viewable with explicit UNSC High Command authority.