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Exodus is the seventh track (Disc 1 Track 7) included in Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack, and plays mainly in the Halo: Reach campaign level Exodus. It is composed of Before the Fire (0:00-1:29), The Sky's No Limit (1:29-2:33), The Other Side (2:33-3:15), City Under Siege (3:15-5:43), Few More Days (5:43-6:43), and Apology (6:43-7:18).


Before the Fire[edit]

Before the Fire (1:29) opens with high strings playing the strings part of My Heart Breaks on a higher register. Low strings and choir then join in and they play the string melody from the Halo 2: Original Soundtrack track In Amber Clad, and slowed down for an ending. The piece plays in the opening cinematic.

The Sky's No Limit[edit]

The Sky's No Limit (1:04) fades in with twinkling effects, followed by tribal percussion accompanied by strings. The percussion rhythm repeats with higher intensity each time, then the piece ends with strings. The twinkling effects are played when SPARTAN-B312 encounters Suicide Unggoy in New Alexandria.

The Other Side[edit]

The Other Side (0:42) features pulsing synth effects and a high tempo string melody. The melody repeats and ends with the synth effects. The piece plays when Noble Six is clearing the landing pad at Traxus Tower.

City Under Siege[edit]

City Under Siege (2:28) is a strings-only version of Latchkey from the earlier track ONI: Sword Base. The piece plays when Noble Six is riding the UH-144 Falcon to Caracalla Park.

Few More Days[edit]

Few More Days (1:00) opens with quick percussive beats. Low strings enter with a heavy melody. The melody repeats with the percussion in accompaniment before ending with a dissonant chord. The piece plays after Noble Six activates one of the two M95 Lances in the park. Parts of the piece also play during Invasion, whenever Elite players enter the next phase and when they win the round.


Apology (0:35) features the low strings melody from the second half of the later track We're Not Going Anywhere. The piece plays in the ending cinematic, when Catherine-B320 hails Noble Six.

Production notes[edit]