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The Package is the ninth track (Disc 2 Track 2) included in Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack, and plays mainly in the Halo: Reach campaign level The Package. It is composed of Return (0:00-0:57), Simple Things (0:57-1:56), Torch and Burn (1:56-2:59), Descent (2:59-3:32), Time to Dance (3:32-5:19), and Say the Words (5:19-6:56).



Return (0:57) is a shortened and strings-only version of the later track Ghosts and Glass. The piece plays in the opening cinematic.

Simple Things[edit]

Simple Things (0:59) features twinkling effects and synth ambience. The piece plays when Noble Six eliminates the Covenant forces that were occupying Farragut Station.

Torch and Burn[edit]

Torch and Burn (1:03) features a heavy melody by low strings with high strings accompaniment. The melody builds up in suspense before ending with a climax. The piece plays after Noble Six has destroyed the two Cheru-pattern Tyrants in Airview Base.


Descent (0:33) features synth ambience, accompanied by muted percussion from the opening of Lone Wolf (from the earlier track Winter Contingency). The piece plays when NOBLE Team enter SWORD Base through the maintenance shaft.

Time to Dance[edit]

Time to Dance (1:47) opens with a drumroll and a lively high strings melody. Low strings join in harmony, playing the melody in repeat. Brass join in with the melody of Kat's Plan (from the earlier track Long Night of Solace), even briefly evoking the Gregorian chant from Halo Theme. The piece ends with a return to the original melody. The piece, though omitting the brass section, plays during the final wave of Covenant attack outside Catherine Halsey's lab.

Say the Words[edit]

Say the Words (1:37) opens with ambience on strings, which leads to a full reprise of Keep What You Steal (from Halo 3: Original Soundtrack), though omitting the original four-note ending. The piece plays in the ending cinematic, up until Noble Six receives the Armored matrix from Halsey.

Production notes[edit]

  • Composition of Time to Dance began as a second idea from "Ideas3". O'Donnell noted that, like progressive rock music which inspired the piece, the melody can "become a bit tedious". He also noted the final melody sounded similar to the Theme from Mission: Impossible.[1]
  • According to Martin O'Donnell, it was Cinematic Lead CJ Cowan who suggested using a reprise of Keep What You Steal as the background track for Cortana's appearance.[2]
  • The name Return alludes to NOBLE Team returning to SWORD Base after their previous mission to defend it in the level ONI: Sword Base.
  • The name Simple Things is a reference to the conversation between Jun-A266 and Emile-A239 on the Office of Naval Intelligence sending NOBLE Team to SWORD Base for "a simple demo-op".
  • The name Torch and Burn is a direct quote of NOBLE Team's original mission to SWORD Base.
  • The name Descent alludes to NOBLE Team moving underground to the caverns containing the Babd Catha Forerunner vessel. Ironically, the piece plays when NOBLE Team is moving upwards to the interior of SWORD Base.
  • The piece Time to Dance share its name with another musical piece included in Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack.
  • The name Say the Words is a direct quote from Doctor Halsey when handing the armored matrix to SPARTAN-B312. Drawing parallel between Noble Six and John-117, both this piece and Keep What You Steal play in their respective games when Cortana is retrieved by a Spartan.


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