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About me

I've been a wikia user for a long time now. I have accounts on both the Fable wiki where I have done heavy editing for them, and I am also a admin on the Rise of Nations wiki.

I have been a fan of Halo since its inception, and have devoted a lot of my time to editing the Halo wiki, and contributed a lot.

Sadly, a lot of that fell off the grid when I changed careers and my priorities shifted. I still read Halo lore from time to time, but my wiki projects have all but fallen off my "to do" list unfortunately.

I was responsible for a HUGE chunk of the Halo 3 multiplayer map articles to include their design, set-up, function and information (including images).

Part of me wants to get back into doing wiki-projects again, because I enjoy expanding the Halo universe and adding content to improve articles. I only wish I had enough time to do so. I'll still help out where I can and where I'm needed.

Experience is something I have a lot of... and I don't want it to go to waste just yet!

NEW PROJECT -- I'm thinking about starting up a new project to renovate and revitalize all the Halo:Reach multiplayer maps (much like I did for Halo 3). I can see there is already a lack of consistency, information and images among them.

Favorite Halo moment

Oh gosh... too many to mention really. I have great moments from each Halo game to date.

Halo: CE -- Weekend parties at my buddies house where we system linked all our original Xboxes up and stayed up all night playing!

Halo 2 -- Meeting new and challenging gamers in an ONLINE environment. Creating a clan with a group of friends and dominating the Halo servers!

Halo 3 -- Creating and editing maps and trying out new and crazy gametypes.

Halo 3: ODST -- Kicking the crap out of wave after wave of aliens in Firefight with one of my best friends. He'd bring his system and TV over to my house and we'd system link.

Halo: Reach -- Haven't played this much, but I'd have to say it is the best iteration since Halo: CE and Halo 2 (online). I enjoy all the new features in Reach and the multiplayer setup reminds me of the good old days in Halo 2.

Worst Halo moment

Anytime there are a bunch of retards in a match... be it lag, trash talking when they suck, or little kids who don't know how to shut up!

Anything else

I've been big into Halo since it came out originally on the Xbox. I've read every Halo novel/book and I own quite a bit of Halo merchandise.

My wife says it's an obsession, but I like to think of it more as a passion. Though it's a passion that I don't get to feed too often due to the demands in the military and the lifestyle I live now.

I still read Halo lore and play the games from time to time, but no where as much as I used to in my younger days.

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well i guess its good to have two links, one for the main article for someone who wants to read up aobut the song, and one for the infobox for someone who's quickly reading/browsing through the songs