Unidentified Sangheili Zealot (Circinius IV)

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Unidentified Sangheili Zealot
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April 26, 2526 (Circinius IV)

Cause of death:

Fatally stabbed by John-117

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Human-Covenant War


"Oh my God... What is that?"
Chyler Silva, upon seeing the Zealot.

This unidentified Sangheili was a Zealot who served in the Covenant, early in the Human-Covenant War.


Human-Covenant War[edit]

The Zealot participated in the attack on Circinius IV in 2526. Shortly after Covenant corvettes destroyed the planetary space elevator being used to evacuate Corbulo Academy's cadets, this Zealot led a ground assault on the Academy. The Zealot personally initiated the attack by using his energy sword to demolish the school's statue of General Corbulo, the Roman general whom the Academy was named after.[1] The Covenant troops, consisting mostly of Kig-Yar, soon overwhelmed the Marines and ODSTs protecting the Academy.[2]

Once most resistance was neutralized, the Zealot began hunting down the surviving cadets for sport. Under the cover of active camouflage, the Zealot killed Cadet Junjie Chen in the dorms with his energy sword, then pursued the rest of Hastati Squad to the weapons locker. While stalking his prey, Zealot received a transmission from an Unggoy, causing him to decloak in order to respond. Cadet Walter Vickers attempted to buy his teammates time to escape by attacking the distracted Zealot with a fire extinguisher, but the Zealot immediately shot him dead with a Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle. The Zealot soon cornered remaining cadets April Orenski, Thomas Lasky, Chyler Silva, and Michael Sullivan, and was about to kill them too when SPARTAN John-117 suddenly appeared from behind and stabbed the Sangheili in the back of the neck with a combat knife, killing him.[2]


This Zealot wore a Danzhau-pattern intrusion harness equipped with active camouflage. He also carried a Domotos-pattern energy sword and a plasma rifle.


Some of the Corbulo Zealot's lines can be heard by enemy Elites during the Halo 4 campaign.


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