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Physical restraints are devices used for keeping people in a helpless state while in captivity.

Human restraints[edit]

Humans have traditionally used a multitude of restraints such as handcuffs and rope to keep individuals at bay. The neural-inhibitor collar is a UNSC device used to paralyze dangerous prisoners, and its practice has been used by Insurrectionists to subdue SPARTAN-IIs.[1] Buckmesh is a particularly strong material used to contain prisoners of gangster Thin Kinkle, yet not strong enough on its own to stop a Spartan-I.[2] Microfilament cuffs are another particularly durable restraint used by the UNSC to detain individuals.[3]

Covenant restraints[edit]

The Covenant has been known to use items such as shackles and contained beams of energy to hold prisoners. When Thel 'Vadam was tortured as punishment for letting Installation 04 come to destruction, he was kept restrained in a pair of hovering shackles.[4] A stasis beam device in the Sanctum of the Hierarchs was used to contain 343 Guilty Spark, which floated motionlessly inside the field.[5] The Covenant also made use of stasis weaponry on the battlefield to physically restraint enemy combatants.[6]

Banished restraints[edit]

Like the Covenant before it, the Banished use energy shackles to restraint prisoners of war, sometimes in tandem with torture machines, which utilizes micro gravity wells to inflict excruciating pain on the victim.[7] To restrain groups of prisoners, the Banished utilize plasma gyves, devices which generate searing hot tendrils of energy that both restrain and force captives into submission.[8] Both the torture machines and plasma gyves have been used extensively by the Banished during their occupation of Installation 07.[7][9][10]

Forerunner restraints[edit]

Ellen Anders held in a containment field device.

The Forerunners had a variety of ways of restraining individuals. These included confinement fields, which could incapacitate individuals but also block the movement of entire starships.[11] Constraint fields were a type of less restrictive energy field, which held the captive immobilized in a small bubble.[12] A Forerunner stationary field projector was used by the Covenant to hold Professor Ellen Anders prisoner at the Apex Site. While limiting overall movement, the device allowed Anders some ability to wiggle within the confines of the field.[13] Meanwhile, Forerunner weapons-grade stasis bubbles could maintain an individual in a completely unconscious and immobile state for years.[14] AI suppressors were Forerunner software used to deactivate ancillas. They could effectively be used to restrain Forerunners who wore personal armor, as the suppressor could lock the armor down and thus completely immobilize the wearer.[15]


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