Ob 'Nathisee

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Ob 'Nathisee
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June 7, 2526[1]

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Killed aboard Steadfast Strike when it was destroyed by a bomber strike.[2]

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Ob 'Nathisee was a Sangheili officer, shipmaster of the frigate Steadfast Strike in service with the Covenant fleet. He later defected to Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee's Flotilla of Unsung Piety in mid-2526, leading to his ship being used as bait in a plan to destroy the human Office of Naval Intelligence[1] - though Steadfast Strike (and 'Nathisee along with it) were destroyed by the Covenant late in the battle.[2]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Main article: Battle of Netherop

In June 2526, Ob 'Nathisee served as one of the shipmasters under Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee and his mutineering Flotilla of Unsung Piety. Believing themselves charged with destroying the Office of Naval Intelligence, the flotilla deployed onto Netherop as part of a plan to lure in ONI and plant two Luminal Beacons inside some otherwise unremarkable Covenant technology, in the hopes that ONI would take the beacons back to their headquarters and provide the Covenant the location of their base. To enact this plan, 'Nathisee and his frigate were intended to be used as bait to attract ONI's eye. On June 3, Steadfast Strike engaged with the United Nations Space Command's Task Force Pantea and feigned being critically damaged by the Halberd-class light destroyers, crash-landing on Netherop's surface (though still operational).[3]

As the battle commenced on the surface, Shipmaster 'Nathisee was largely tasked with simply lying in wait to allow a team of Marines to board the ship and recover two pieces of Covenant technology, before deploying his ship's Fleet Ranger complement to fight off the humans - convincing them they had won some hard-earned piece of technology that would secretly be used to track down ONI's headquarters. However, as the battle raged on, the ship was attacked by Banshee strikecraft of the Silent Shadow - which were in turn fired upon by SPARTAN-II Blue Team. Having been alerted to the nearby presence of the Spartans, Shipmaster 'Nathisee ordered the liftoff of the frigate slightly further down the mesa as to ensure it would not be so easily boarded. Upon reporting this to Nizat, who had been out of contact due to interference of the terrain, the Fleetmaster was initially unsure whether 'Nathisee had been killed by the Silent Shadow and they were pretending to be him, due to his initial assumption that Steadfast Strike had broken orbit and fled back into space. However, once the situation was clarified, 'Nathisee continued to urge the Fleetmaster to finish his operation quickly as he did not believe Steadfast Strike's security detail would be capable of fending off a dedicated assault.[1] Steadfast Strike, and 'Nathisee with it, was ultimately destroyed via a bombing run from a N'weo-pattern Gigas fighter-bomber sent by the Fleet of Swift Justice.[2]

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