Halo Wars 3 (cancelled pitch)

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Halo Wars 3

Creative Assembly

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A cancelled pitch for Halo Wars 3 was unveiled in 2017 through concept art.

In 2017, Creative Assembly artist Brad Wright released concept art based on the pitch. He received permission to release the art on his ArtStation page from Microsoft. Space battles would feature in the game, with a capital ship serving as the home base, from which ground forces would be deployed. Different rooms on the ship would provide bonuses, some buffing the ship itself in ship-to-ship battles.[1] Buffs would affect elements such as shields and thrusters.[2]

The ArtStation page's description was later removed, replaced with "Halo Wars 2 additional work done for Creative Assembly for Halo Wars 2. Property of Microsoft." Wright provided no explanation as to why the change was made.[3]