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Green Hills


Idgras system[1]



Human (Non-native)




Unified Earth Government


Green Hills was a human Outer Colony of the Unified Earth Government.[2] In 2525, it became one of the first human colonies to fall to the Covenant.[3][1]


Human-Covenant war[edit]

Green Hills was attacked and glassed by the Covenant in 2525,[1] becoming one of the first human colonies to be lost after the attack on Harvest at the start of the Human-Covenant War.[Note 1] Initially, the United Nations Space Command hoped to cover up the loss by implicating rebels causing communications blackouts. However, they were soon forced to reveal that the UNSC was now at war with a xenocidal alien empire; the Covenant had killed two million civilians by glassing Green Hills and Second Base.[3]

Spartan John-117 fought alongside an unidentified Orbital Drop Shock Trooper on Green Hills in 2527. The two were briefly reunited in 2557 during the Battle of Requiem, the former Marine having since become a Spartan-IV.[4]


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  1. ^ Randomized NPC dialog in the Halo 4 level Shutdown states that the UNSC fought for Green Hills in 2527. This contradicts the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition), which indicates that Green Hills was glassed in 2525. This is probably a simple continuity error, though it is possible that the UNSC returned to the planet in an attempt to reclaim it following the precedent of the Harvest campaign.


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