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Noble Actual[edit]

  • "Kat. You read his/her file?" - First line to Catherine-B320 regarding Noble Six, depending on the player's gender.

Winter Contingency[edit]

  • "I'm lonely already." - After Carter states that Noble Team will have no communication with HQ command during the mission.
  • "Found the beacon." - Upon finding the missing troopers' distress signal.
  • "Plasma, maybe." - After the other team members express confusion over why there seems to be no explosives residue.
  • "There's a lot of blood on the ground."
  • "Move! On your knees. Now!" - After a civilian comes out of a structure near the Visegrad Relay.
  • "What the hell was that?" - After a Skirmisher sets off their motion trackers.
  • "Cheer up, big man. This whole valley just turned into a free-fire zone." - To Jorge-052 after discovering the Covenant on Reach.
  • "Contact!" - While fighting off Covenant in the courtyard and a new Covenant dropship arrives.
  • "What's your status, over?" - When three Sangheili Zealots engage Noble Team inside the control room.
  • "That tango blew past me. Permission to pursue?" - To Carter-A259 after engaging a Sangheili Field Marshal.
  • "Big man forgets what he is sometimes." - To SPARTAN-B312 regarding Jorge.
  • "She's not the only one." - When Jorge suggests a full psychiatric workout for Sára.

ONI: Sword Base[edit]

  • "Corvette's hitting this base hard." - After a strong explosion from the Covenant Corvette's fire.
  • "Can't do this on my own! Need another Spartan up here!" - To the rest of Noble Team.
  • "About time." - After Six arrives to the top floor to assist him.
  • "Keep shooting, Noble Six! Watch down low!" - When Six starts shooting at the enemies on the upper level.
  • "Kill them!" - To Six while shooting at the Banshees.
  • "That's the way we get it done, Spartan!" - After clearing the rooftop of Sword Base

Long Night of Solace[edit]

  • "Don't cut yourself." - When Kat asks to borrow his kukri.
  • "You're scary, you know that?" - To Kat, after she reveals her knowledge of the Sabre Program.

New Alexandria[edit]

  • "It's a regular family reunion." - After Jun welcomes Noble Six back in.
  • "Keep 'em. He gave them to you. (points at himself with his kukri) I'll honor him my own way." - Upon Noble Six's offering him Jorge's dog tags.
  • "(laughs) The big man was sentimental..." - About Jorge after his death.
  • "How often do you see Covenant retreat for no reason?" - Upon the rapid Covenant departure of the area.

The Package[edit]

  • "Tango, coming for the pad!"
  • "Just in time, Six."
  • "Cryptic..." - After Auntie Dot tells them to proceed to their prearranged coordinates.
  • "I'm going with cornered. There's nothing here." - Discussing the fate of an overrun UNSC position.
  • "I didn't bring my shovel, Commander." - After Jun mentions that their newest coordinates are 2000 feet underground.
  • "That's perfect." - After Auntie Dot tells them that the new AI commanding the mission has been expecting them.
  • "Whatever we're doing down here, we better do it quick." - Upon noticing the ceiling is crumbling above the Babd Catha Forerunner complex.
  • "ONI was expecting company?" - Upon seeing several Wolf Spider turrets.
  • "They are landing out of range, across the bridge!" - Upon seeing approaching Covenant aircraft.
  • "We got targets! Watch out for those Wraiths!"
  • "Another Phantom! Dropping troops to flank us!"
  • "Chosen? By an AI?" - When Dr. Halsey tells them that Cortana has chosen them as her carriers.

The Pillar of Autumn[edit]

  • "It's been an honor, sir!" - To Carter before leaving the Pelican.
  • "Still with us, Commander?" - To Carter after leaping out of the Pelican.
  • "There's our destination, Six. UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Race you to her." After sighting the Pillar of Autumn.
  • "Got transport." - After finding some Mongooses.
  • "You think we got time to walk over there?" - If the player stalls.
  • "Scarab! Do not engage! Gun it, Six!" After a Scarab drops from the sky.
  • "Get your head up, Six. We're going to have to jump it!" - Upon driving towards a broken bridge.
  • "Wraith! Heading our way!"
  • "Got a Wraith! Southeast side!"
  • "Mother...! We can get past it, sir!" - Upon seeing a Scarab looming over him and Noble Six.
  • "Commander, you don't have the firepower!" - After Carter says that he'll take care of it.
  • "Solid copy. Hit 'em hard, boss." - Last words to Carter before his kamikaze dive.
  • "Crevice to the east. Let's go." - After the Scarab is destroyed.
  • "Buggers. Go quiet." - Warning the player of approaching Drones.
  • "Understood. We've got to get to the drydock. Priority one."
  • "We'll be there, sir." - After Captain Jacob Keyes contacts them for arrival.
  • "Autumn won't wait forever. Let's go, Six!" - If the player stalls.
  • "What's the situation?" - Upon encountering several assisting troopers.
  • "Noble to Keyes: we're at the pad."
  • "Will do, sir. All right, Six... This is it. I'll man the big gun. You just get to the platform and deliver that Package." - Before mounting the Onager
  • "You'll have your window, sir." - To Captain Keyes tells him to clear the skies.
  • "Who's next?!" - After killing an attacking Zealot. Also said in the "A Spartan Will Rise" ViDoc.
  • "I'm ready! How about you?!" - Last words after being fatally stabbed by a Zealot.

Gameplay Quotes[edit]

  • "Banshee, coming in!"
  • "You and me are a lot alike. I enjoy blowing stuff up, you enjoy standing around with your thumb up your ass." - When stared at, IWHBYD required.
  • "Look out, Phantom, coming in hot!"
  • "I'm under heavy fire!"
  • "Roger that, clear!" - After clearing an area of Covenant.
  • "Big split-chin alien freaks!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "That was the catch!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "I'm gonna cut you up!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "I'm gonna mess with you myself!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "Hold them off until Keyes gets here!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "Gonna make you bleed!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "You don't stand a chance!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "That was for Kat!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "That was for Jorge!" - While operating the Onager.
  • "That was for Jun!" - (Rarely) While operating the Onager. This is unusual as Jun is still alive.
  • "You look almost as pissed off as me." - When stared at.

Firefight Quotes[edit]

When previewing voice in the Armory

  • "Yeah, I carved that myself. And I'm proud of it."
  • "Trust me. Payback's a bitch."
  • "Yeah?"

When getting a Headshot

  • "How'd that taste."
  • "Headshot!"
  • "Dead before he hit the ground."

When throwing a Grenade

  • "Grenade out!"
  • "Frag out!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "You like that!"
  • "Hope you like that."
  • "You don't stand a chance!"

Killing an Enemy

  • "Bleed, Covie!"
  • "I softened'em up."
  • "Alright!"
  • "Now Bleed!"
  • "Hahahaha."
  • "Nice!"
  • "Target down."
  • "There's more where that came from!"
  • "My kill!"
  • "Yeah! Now show me blood!"
  • "Got it!"
  • "Just like that you bastards."
  • "You'll never know!"
  • "Sit down."
  • "Die, you son of a bitch!"
  • "Somebody get a mop."
  • "Hush now."
  • "Beats working for a living."

Equipping a Heavy Weapon

  • "Now I'm ready to make some noise."
  • "Gimme some room!"
  • "Big boom coming up!"
  • "Let's blow stuff up!"
  • "Ready to rock."
  • "Does anyone else smell something burning." - When equipping a Fuel Rod Gun.
  • "Smelt gun up." - When equipping a Fuel Rod Gun.
  • "M6 up." - When equipping a Spartan Laser.
  • "Laser Up." - when equipping a Spartan Laser.
  • "Don't look into the light!" - When equipping a Spartan Laser.
  • "They're gonna see a whole lotta red." - When equipping a Spartan Laser.


  • "I'm about down to coarse language." - When loading last magazine.
  • "I'm running low." - When loading last magazine.
  • "Reloading!"
  • "I'm reloading, cover me!"
  • "Cover me!"
  • "Cover me, I'm reloading!"
  • "Stay down!" - When meleeing an enemy.
  • "And you guys thought you were good." - When meleeing an enemy.
  • "No tag backs." - When meleeing an enemy.
  • "Ha Ha! Great job alright!"
  • "Next i'm gonna take all your stuff."
  • "Now ain't this a crying shame?"
  • "I'm gonna do this slow."
  • "There!"
  • "Damn!" - When getting hit multiple times.
  • (Mumbled curses) - When getting hit multiple times.
  • "I can see you!" - When enemy moves behind cover.
  • "I'm gonna cut you up!"
  • "Plasma UP!" -When switching to a plasma launcher
  • "Not a tango in sight!"
  • "Damn, that was hot!" - When a weapon overheats.
  • "You like that you alien freaks!" - When getting multiple kills.
  • "Die you bastards!" - When getting multiple kills
  • "They/You look almost as pissed off as me." - When stared at.