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Emerald Cove


Alpha Imura system[1]







Unified Earth Government


Frederic-104: "This reminds me of the underwater mission Chief Mendez sent us on at Emerald Cove. When he sabotaged half our air tanks? And we ended up stealing his."
Anton-044: "And after, we ditched him and camped on that island. It was a week with nothing to do but light bonfires, bake clams, and surf."
Frederic-104 and Anton-044 recall their time on Emerald Cove[3]

Emerald Cove was a human colony world in the Alpha Imura system of the Orion Arm.[1]



The colony was known throughout human space as a world of sublime beauty, with thousands of miles of white sandy beaches, azure oceans, and an archipelagic environment.[4]


Known residents[edit]


During their training, the Spartan-IIs were sent on an underwater mission to Emerald Cove with Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. Mendez sabotaged half of the Spartans' air tanks to test them; they stole his in retaliation. Afterwards, the Spartans abandoned their training and hid out on a deserted island for a week, lighting bonfires, baking clams, and surfing.[3] After Madrigal was glassed in 2528 by the Covenant, Kojo Agu took residence on Emerald Cove in the city of Holetown.[6]

In 2542, during the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC abandoned Emerald Cove due to the threat of nearby Covenant forces. However, Emerald Cove's fate remained unknown as of 2552, with some questioning if the world was glassed or occupied by the Covenant, or simply left untouched by the alien empire.[3][4]

The planet survived up to 2558, with crew members of the Ace of Spades going to the planet at that time.[1]

Government and society[edit]


Emerald Cove was both a destination for tourists and the United Nations Space Command and had "beautiful colonists that made any trip there a happy one".[4]


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