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Andera Rolan
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July 5, 2553[1]

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Gao Ministry of Protection[2]




Doctor Andera Rolan was a human pathologist of the Gao Ministry of Protection, serving under Special Inspector Veta Lopis.[2]


Born on the human Outer Colony of Gao, Doctor Andera Rolan served as a pathologist for the Gao Republic's Ministry of Protection, as a part of a team led by Special Inspector Veta Lopis. In 2553, the United Nations Space Command's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion came to Gao claiming that the battalion had came to conduct research in the Montero Cave System. However, the battalion was secretly searching for Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye within the caves. In an effort to stave off the pursuing battalion, Intrepid Eye began murdering Gao citizens and attempted framing UNSC forces. To investigate the murders, Commander Murtag Nelson had elements of the battalion work with the GMoP to apprehend the murderer. Lopis and her team were tasked with leading the investigations for the GMoP, with Rolan charged with examining the corpses of the victims for evidence and leads. Minister of Protection Arlo Casille also had Rolan and the rest of her team spy on the battalion's operations for him.[2]

Working with the battalion's headquarters company, Rolan was assigned to the Montero Penthouse of the Montero Vitality Center. However, Lopis determined that the penthouse was no place for a morgue, she had the battalion assign Rolan and the rest of her team to the Staff Housing Complex. After Rolan had spent half a day waiting for the battalion to prepare her workplace, Nelson and Spartan-II Frederic-104 met with Rolan and Lopis in the complex to ensure that they were properly accommodated. However, Rolan and Lopis soon realized that Major Ira Halal had not informed the GMoP of a new crime scene that had been discovered. Nelson assured the two that Halal was acting on orders from UNSC Fleet Command rather than from him and the commander promised to resolve the issue. Nelson further admitted that the battalion was engaging foes that utilized particle beam weaponry. Believing Nelson was violating a security protocol, Fred brought the commander into the next room to discuss the matter, allowing Lopis to attempt to read Nelson's lips through the rooms safety glass while Rolan continued to examine the victims' bodies. When Nelson and Fred returned, the commander had Nelson escort Lopis to the new crime scene while Rolan continued to examine the corpses. Rolan requested the aid of a UNSC hospital corpsman from Nelson, allowing her to determine whether or not the UNSC had the tools used to mutilate the bodies.[2]

The GMoP's investigations were interrupted when the Keepers of the One Freedom attacked the Montero Vitality Center when the cult attempted to retrieve the ancilla for themselves. One of the battalion's Pelican dropships was shot down by the Keepers and crashed into the Vitality Center's Staff Housing Complex, leading to Rolan's death, along with Olinda Riost.[1]

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Doctor Andera Rolan was a highly skilled pathologist of the Gao Ministry of Protection. She was an old friend of the Minister of Protection Arlo Casille and was one of the few GMoP personnel of the to refer to him by his first name. Rolan was also a close friend of Veta Lopis and the two worked well together. After spending half a day working with the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion's headquarters company to simply prepare her workplace in the Montero Vitality Center, Rolan quickly became frustrated with military protocol. When Casille had Rolan and the rest of Lopis' team spy on the battalion, Rolan was reluctant to do so, believing that it was their job to investigate the murders and not to get involved in colonial politics.[2]

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