Foxtrot Tango Angel 7012

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"I can't comment on our mission. That would violate security directive Foxtrot Tango Angel 7012."
— Frederic-104, during Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE[1]

Foxtrot Tango Angel 7012 is a security directive of the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence that mandates the distribution of information on Forerunners and their technology.[1]

Following the Human-Covenant War, the average citizen of the Unified Earth Government was aware that the Forerunners were an ancient race and understood that the Covenant's worship of them was a driving force behind their war on humanity. However, few citizens outside of the United Nations Space Command and UEG leadership were aware of how powerful Forerunner technology truly was. To prevent possible panic among the population and local government attempts to utilize Forerunner technology for themselves, the Office of Naval Intelligence sought to keep information on the Forerunners to a minimum and employed Foxtrot Tango Angel 7012 to do so, at least until the UNSC had guaranteed control of a majority of the Forerunners' technology in the human sphere of space.[2]

During Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE in 2553 in which the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion attempted to procure Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye on Gao, Commander Murtag Nelson somewhat violated the directive by revealing the presence of Sentinels on the planet to the Gao Ministry of Protection, though he reasoned that the GMoP investigators would inevitably draw the conclusions themselves.[3]

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