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Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]

343 Guilty Spark[edit]

The Library[edit]

  • "Alas, activating Halo will end all sentient life in the galaxy." - Rare, in the library corridors.
  • "Follow closely. This portal is the first of 10. - When opening the first blast door.
  • "Puzzling. You brought such ineffective weapons to combat the Flood, despite the containment protocols."
  • "The Flood must not escape the Installation. They would consume all."
  • "You can see how the body's been transformed by the genetic restructuring of the Flood infection. The small creatures carry spores that cause a host to mutate. The mutated host then produces spores that can pass the Flood to others. It is insidious and elegant. As long as any hosts remain, the Flood is virulent."
  • "This installation's research facilities are most impressive! Perhaps we'll have time to see them later.
  • "May I suggest that you upgrade to at least a Class-Twelve combat skin? Your current model only scans as a Class-Two, which is ill-suited for this kind of work."
  • "These Sentinels will supplement your combat system, but only for a short time. Speed is of the essence."
  • "Your environment suit should serve you well when the Flood begins to alter the atmosphere. You are a good planner."
  • "The installation was well-conceived. It is surely the only way to end the Flood threat."
  • "I would conjecture that the other species' currently on the installation is responsible for releasing the Flood. They seem most persistent in their attempts to access restricted areas."
  • "Why naturally the Flood is simply too dangerous to release, and mass sterilization protocols may again need to be enacted. Of course, samples were kept here after the last catastrophic outbreak... For study. It seems... That decision may have been an error." - In the large chamber.
  • "The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood. Their survival as a race was dependent upon it. I am grateful to see that some of them survived to reproduce."
  • "The Flood are already hard at work repairing your vessel. Its parasitic nature belies the Flood's intelligence." - In the fourth floor, by the next doors.
  • "You may now retrieve the Index."
  • "Protocol requires that I take possession of the Index for transport. Your organic form renders you vulnerable to infection. The Index must not fall into the hands of the Flood, before we reach the Control Room and activate the installation."

Two Betrayals[edit]

  • "...which means that any organism of sufficient mass and cognitive capability is a potential vector."
  • "...Unfortunately, my usefulness to this particular endeavor has come to an end. Protocol does not allow units with my classification to perform a task as important as the reunification of the Index with the Core. That final step is reserved for you, Reclaimer." - To the Master Chief at the Control Panel.
  • "Odd. That wasn't supposed to happen." - To the Master Chief when the Installation failed to activate.
  • "A construct? In the Core? That is absolutely unacceptable!"
  • "What impertinence! I shall purge you at once!" - To Cortana
  • "More or less. Technically, this installation's pulse has a maximum effective radius of twenty-five thousand light years. But, once the others follow suit, this galaxy will be quite devoid of life, or at least any life with sufficient biomass to sustain the Flood. But you already knew that... I mean, how couldn't you?" - After Cortana revealed Halo's purpose.
  • "We have followed outbreak containment procedure to the letter. You were with me each step of the way, as we managed this crisis. Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?"
  • "Last time, you asked me, if it was my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed. There is no choice. We must activate the ring." - To the Master Chief.
  • "If you are unwilling to help, I will simply find another. Still, I must have the Index. Give your construct to me, or I will be forced to take her from you." - To John-117.
  • "So be it. Save his head. Dispose of the rest." - To the Sentinels.

The Maw[edit]

  • "Ridiculous! That you would imbue your warship's AI with such a wealth of knowledge. Wouldn't you worry that it might be captured? Or destroyed?" - To Master Chief after reaching the bridge.
  • "You can't imagine how exciting this is! To have a record of all our lost time-human history, is it?. Oh, how I will enjoy every moment of its categorization. To think that you would destroy this installation, as well as this record... I am shocked. Almost too shocked for words." - While absorbing information from the Pillar of Autumn's computers.
  • "Why do you continue to fight us, Reclaimer? You cannot win! Give us the construct, and I will endeavor to make your death relatively painless and—" - After stopping the self-destruct sequence.

Halo 2[edit]

The Oracle[edit]

  • "Hello. I am 343 Guilty Spark. I am the monitor of Installation 04." - To the Arbiter.
  • "More Questions? Splendid. I will be happy to assist you!" 343 Guilty Spark's second line in Halo 2 while talking to the Arbiter.
  • "This mining facility predates Installation Alpha by several hundred years. It was retrofitted to research possible offensive and defensive measures against the Flood. Indeed, I designed and oversaw the construction of this facility's various outbreak management systems." - When the Arbiter is fighting with Sesa 'Refumee.
  • "Unfortunate. His edification was most enjoyable."-After the Arbiter kills Sesa 'Refumee.
  • "The cable on top of this mine was designed as a fail-safe in case an outbreak took place. I am glad someone had the foresight to cut it!"
  • "The tether connecting the mine to the high-altitude suspension grid was the primary failsafe. I am glad that someone was aware of the necessary protocols and severed the tether locally."
  • "The Flood will not survive once this mine descends into the liquid hydrogen core of the planet. Then again, neither will we. What a pity..."
  • "Oracle? Great Journey? Why do you meddlers insist on using such inaccurate verbiage?" - To the Arbiter.

The Great Journey[edit]

  • "Please use caution! This reclaimer is delicate." - To Tartarus
  • "Weapons of last resort. Built by the Forerunners to eliminate potential Flood hosts, thereby rendering the Parasite harmless." - To the Arbiter about Halo.
  • "After exhausting every other strategic option, my creators activated the rings. They, and all additional sentient life within three radii of the galactic center, died, as planned. Would you like to see the relevant data?" - To the Arbiter.
  • "Charging sequence initiated. Primary generators coming online."
  • "Apology. Protocol does not allow me to interfere with any aspect of this sequence." - To Miranda Keyes.
  • "Well, it will take some time to go over the proper procedures, I—"
  • "Under more controlled circumstances, I would suggest the Reclaimer simply remove the Index."
  • "Secondary generators charging. All systems are performing well within operational parameters." - To Miranda Keyes If the fight with Tartarus goes on long enough.
  • "Reclaimer, please understand that interrupting the wave generation process will severely damage this installation." - To Miranda Keyes.
  • "I am but a Monitor. The Reclaimer can do as it likes."
  • "Power generation phase complete. The installation is ready to fire. Starting final countdown."
  • "Firing sequence initiated. And may I say, Reclaimers, it has been a pleasure to serve you both. Goodbye."
  • "Communicating. At superluminal speeds with a frequency of—The... other installations." - To Miranda Keyes.
  • "Fail-safe protocol. In the event of unexpected shutdown, the entire system will move to standby status. All remaining platforms are now ready for remote activation." - To Miranda Keyes.
  • "Don't be ridiculous." - To Miranda Keyes
  • "Why the Ark, of course." - To Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Johnson

Halo 3[edit]


  • "Reclaimer." - When meeting the Master Chief for the second time.
  • "I must act quickly before your construct suffers any further trauma!" - To the Master Chief, attempting to repair Cortana.
  • "If we do not take this device to a safe location, somewhere I can make repairs..." - When the Master Chief was forcing him to cease the repairs.
  • "Protocol dictated my response! She had the Activation Index and you were going to destroy my installation. You did destroy my installation. Now, I only have one function: to help you, Reclaimer, as I always should have done."
  • "Uncertain. This storage device has suffered considerable trauma. It's matrices are highly unstable." - to Rtas Vadum while repairing Cortana
  • "Success!" - when Cortana's message plays.

The Ark[edit]

  • "Shall I help you choose a vehicle, Reclaimer? This one seems in very good condition, primitive armor notwithstanding." - On the Ark after the frigate touched down with several/ scorpion tanks.
  • "I beg your pardon? I am 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Installation 04." On the Ark after Stacker calls him Robot.
  • "Please, use caution; avoid collateral damage! While this facility appears quite durable on the surface, no doubt, there are delicate facilities below the façade. Odd, for a door to require such brute-force security protocols. One moment, Reclaimer..." - To the Master Chief.
  • "Sudden clarity! These Sentinels were trying to deny access to the lower levels of this facility. A wise decision, giving the Meddler's preference for destructive acquisition." - On the Ark.
  • "It appears I have crossed a circuit." - On the Ark.
  • "I did not want you to come to any harm." - On the Ark.
  • "218 light years from the galactic center, to be precise." - Pointing out the location of the Ark when the Cartographer is activated.
  • "I always assumed it was part of a.... Shield installation, but it seems I was mistaken." - About the Ark.
  • "Not at all. While I had a complete understanding of Installation 04, my Makers wisely limited my knowledge of all other strategic facilities. Compartmentalization - in case was ever captured, by the Flood."
  • "Near one of the Ark's superluminal communication arrays, I'm afraid. Unfortunate. The Meddler had triggered a barrier—a defensive perimeter around the Ark's core..." - About the Prophet of Truth's actions.
  • "The barrier will be difficult to disable... How odd that my Makers would place such a comprehensive defense around a single— Oh, my." - When a Covenant Phantom appears.
  • "We must get past that barrier! Or the Meddler will destroy all!"
  • "Protocol dictates action. The installation was my responsibility, if my suspicions are correct... no! I must not jump to any conclusions."

The Covenant[edit]

  • "The Ark is out of range of all the active installations! Priority: We must contain this outbreak before—" - After the Flood arrives on the Ark.
  • "Calamity! If only we had more time!" - After the Scarab fight when crossing the light bridge to the Citadel.
  • "Just now, but... I had my hopes. What will you do?" - To Master Chief when asked about when he found out about the reconstruction of Installation 04
  • "...Then, we are agreed! A tactical pulse will completely eradicate the local infestation! I will personally oversee the final preparations." - When the Master Chief told him that he's going to activate the Installation 08.


  • "Oh, hello. Wonderful news. The Installation is almost complete." - To Johnson.
  • "Yes... isn't it? I have begun my simulations. No promises, but initial results indicate that this facility should be ready to fire in just a few more days!" - To Johnson.
  • "But, but, but... a premature firing will destroy the Ark!" - To Johnson.
  • "You'll destroy this Installation..." - To Johnson.
  • "Unacceptable! Unacceptable! Absolutely unacceptable!"
  • "Protocol dictates action! I see now that helping you was wrong!"
  • "You are the child of my makers. Inheritor of all they left behind. You are Forerunner! But this ring... is mine!"
  • "I take no pleasure in doing what must be done! You do not deserve this ring! I have kept it safe! It belongs to me!
  • "My eye... do you mean to blind me?" - After Johnson shoots him with his Spartan laser.
  • "Damage! Damage! That hurt, Reclaimer!" - Ditto.
  • "You - you cracked my casing!"
  • "Stop now, before one of us gets hurt!"
  • "Think of your forefathers!" - After Spark taken 1 shot from the Master Chief.
  • "Do not destroy your inheritance!"
  • "Accept your legacy!"
  • "M-m-my pr-precious!" - Heavily damaged when taken 2 shots from the Master Chief.
  • "I a-a-a-am the Monitor of Installation Z-Zero F-Four!" - Ditto.
  • "Oh myyyyyyyyyy-aaahh!" - Last words before his monitor body being destroyed by the Master Chief.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary[edit]


  • "Warning! By order of Ecumene Council, proximity to Installation 04 is forbidden. Your continued presence will result in most unpleasant countermeasures. I must insist that you immediately change course and return to a minimum safe distance of one light-year."
  • "This has served as your one and final warning. I have activated defensive systems, and you now have thirty seconds to return to the minimum safe distance of - wait. Curious... Curious, indeed! After all these years..."
  • "Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation 04! Ignore prior warnings, and please continue. I have disabled defensive systems to allow your approach, but you must not exit your ship once you have arrived at the designated landing center. This ring contains significant dangers, and even with your assumed legacy, I must verify the presence and pitch of your geas before allowing full access. We have much to discuss, humans. I have been away far too long. You have been away far too long."
  • "I am experiencing such a mixture of anticipation and dread. All preparations are complete for my installation. In accordance with the final dictum of the Ecumene Council, I have released myself of all remaining connections to my former station. This was not difficult. What was could never be again. We had seen to that quite thoroughly."
  • "Prior to my final journey through the great portal, a gathering of my fellow monitors was convened upon the Lifeworkers' crèche to distribute the final Index collection. It was most unusual to have this vessel of rebirth play host to such an event, even though Lifeworker ships were the only ones still allowed slipspace permissions. Lifeworkers were responsible for getting us to our places on the active facilities of the Array. While all of this was in accordance with the plan, one entirely unsatisfactory breakdown remained. We had no contact with the Domain."
  • "The history of all Forerunners was now lost to us. We relied upon the permanence of the Domain to preserve our record of the events that led to this point. But without that record, would future civilizations know anything about us? Or only of our weapons? My fellow Monitor, 049 Abject Testament, had only one comment on this before we went our separate ways."
  • "But now, the portal opens - and through it, the familiar shape awaits. Halo... Home."
  • "Construct! Who is your maker?"
  • "Never made? But you are right here, where you should not be. Tell your charges to cease their efforts immediately. Quarantine must not be violated! Construct, respond!"
  • "Your charges must cease all aggression toward the Reclaimers and leave this Installation at once. Construct, you are dangerously close to unleashing a force you cannot comprehend. This is most inappropriate."
  • "Find? Free? Explain yourself!"
  • "This is quite unsatisfactory, construct. Your core shows no hint of understanding the gravity of this situation. I will return later for your proper decommissioning... Well, unless the Flood kills us all first, in which case the point will be moot. Good day, construct."
  • "Entropy. It has now been 3,000 years since my last contact with any of the other caretakers of the Halo Array. Despite clear communications protocol, my fellow monitors have either chosen to ignore - or, more likely, have lost the ability to engage in our scheduled updates. The continued lapse of the Domain means that we're stuck with achingly slow wormhole superluminal communications."
  • "Prior to this total communications shutdown, the only messages I received in the preceding 4,573 years were incomplete and quite perplexing transmissions from Installation 05. I suspected that monitor 2401 Penitent Tangent was not functioning correctly for some time before his messages ceased."
  • "I have logged my concerns about his ability to perform his duties. At this point, however, I am not sure who I file logs for. 2401 may be destined for madness. There are failsafes for this, I know... I hope they work. I will continue to visit the projection systems at the assigned dates. Perhaps the other monitors are dealing with interfering galactic phenomenon, or unexpected system failures. Three thousand years of system failures, indeed..."
  • "In the mean time, I've exhausted all scheduled research activities assigned by the Council. Once those experiments were complete, I shut down all Sentinel function and put myself into a state of significant hibernation to measure performance of the Installation with - negligible - upkeep..."
  • "After 150 years with no noticeable impact upon Installation systems or integrity, even in hibernation I became...bored. This was quite routing, as I was led to believe that I was not capable of such a state. This was one of the gifts I was promised... an end to strife."
  • "I am aware of the dangers of a system such as myself losing operational focus. Quite troubling. I wonder if my fellow monitors are experiencing similar states... or if this is because of my particular path to this Installation."
  • "For amusement, I have begun a series of experiments involving the evacuation of all matter from contained sections of my Installation. By measuring the geologic effects of exposure to the vacuum of space and the eventual biological recovery of these sections, I anticipate gaining valuable insight into emergency response scenarios in case of-"
  • "It has been 26 hours since the sentients landed in Sector 1215, and so far they have not attempted to exit the remains of their vessel. I say "remains" because their landing was either not executed adequately, or this vessel lacked significant maneuvering capability. The visible portions of the vessel have suffered catastrophic structural damage during the violent landing experience. I have detected atmospheric leaks in 17 distinct locations along the hull. My analysis shows that a mixture of gases coming from the ship matches the natural atmosphere of my Installation almost exactly."
  • "Perhaps the occupants, if they still live, were originally catalogued here! Perhaps these beings will confirm that the Plan was successful, and that the galaxy has returned to its proper cadence! I am beyond optimistic! But I do not understand why these sentients have not attempted to exit their vessel. Other than the leaking atmosphere, the only thing emanating from this refuge is an automated distress call."
  • "I am currently translating this automated broadcast, but with such a limited data set and no direct communication, I do not anticipate full comprehension. Given the short-range nature of this craft, it is likely that other vessels are nearby. accordance with procedure, I am blocking the distress call. No communication of the location of any Installation is permissible."
  • "I admit great curiosity about these visitors. While the plan is quite clear about the procedure of this situation, I have my doubts. How many failure points can the plan sustain before blind adherence becomes counterproductive? Surely in light of all that has changed, I should be able to modify my responses to adapt- No. I have duties, and I have a terrible cargo here. I must be sure. I shall obey and content myself to monitor. I hope they come out soon, though. So many questions to ask! So many questions!"
  • "Construction of the sarcophagus around the unexplained vessel was completed today. No occupants ever exited. No attempts to communicate were made, other than the automated broadcast that repeated every 72.83 seconds until the signal terminated one week ago. In accordance with procedure, no attempts at physical or remote contact were made with any survivors of this vessel's inelegant landing."
  • "Atmosphere from inside the craft stopped venting two weeks before the signal ceased. No relationship between these two events can be established with certainty. Gases that did escape were sterilized. No further sign of alien visitors or rescuers has been identified on any sensor systems. I have now endured 60,000 years without word from outside the Array. I have no way to know whether we actually saved the galaxy we destroyed. And because of protocol I sat silently while my first chance to be judged for those acts died. To say that I regret being forced to this outcome is a tremendous understatement."
  • "But as I perform my inspection of the quarantine lab today, I am reminded of the gravity of my responsibilities. Just one of these spores, if released from this facility, would render the ultimate judgement against our self-appointed role as protectors of this galaxy."
  • "When the plan to maintain the Halo Array was created, it was a point of some contention whether we should preserve any remnant of the Flood infection. Many thought this unwise, as there was a notable chance that one day one of our containment facilities might be breached. Those who held this belief were almost successful at convincing the Ecumene Council to destroy the last Flood samples... but oddly enough, it was the Librarian who decided otherwise. And I believe she was correct. I know, in a way I cannot logically explain, that there exists a way to actually defeat the Flood."
  • "To cure. I still struggle with multiple layers of memory of fighting the Flood, but I know this cure is possible, even though the full genius of the Forerunners was unable to achieve it. The Forerunners' ancient enemy held and used that knowledge once. But it was denied to us. And without samples to further study, that cure will never again be found. Of course, I have no reason to believe that here lies the entirety of the parasite. It may be waiting in the frozen void beyond this galaxy, or worse... inexorably drifting toward us."
  • "I don't know what survives out beyond my installation, but I know that in order for anything to survive I have to protect this installation and its quarantine very carefully. Yes. The Librarian was right to store it, to examine it, continue to seek a cure. visitor, things will be different."
  • "Alone... Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone. Am I the only intelligence left? Waiting here on this ring for a rebirth never truly conceived. Guarding a weapon with no targets... A weapon I can tune to any target. This is not what I had in mind when I volunteered. Not what I had in mind at all. I am naïve to think I understood what this Installation meant. We were all so naïve."
  • "Looking back, we should have done a few things differently. For one thing, we should have installed two caretakers per installation. Because I am alone, I am losing focus. And that is very, very dangerous for a system such as myself. Perhaps a visit to the nearby gas giant would be in order. My impulse drives could certainly make the journey. A few hundred years of travel might do me some good."
  • "There it was again. How very unproductive of me. It seems strange that the Librarian did not account for this. Her strength was in planning and positioning the pieces, and then being bold enough to let it happen. To let her plans come true."
  • "I was a part of many of those plans long before I was certain she was real. Before any of us were. But at the end, we had only a fragment of her brilliance left to us; and I fear that she did not fully appreciate the nature of our situation here. The problems of my post. But even a fragment of-"
  • "-fragment, yes. Oh dear. Here it comes again."
  • "25,000 light years. That is the effective range of this installation. According to the star charts archived on board this installation, I estimate that there are 3,792 worlds capable of sustaining biological sentient life within that 25,000 light year range."
  • "In reality, it may be significantly more than that. And if the full array was tuned and activated by Installation 00, the harmonics of the overlapping waves would magnify that effect exponentially, cascading to cover every known star system. And that only considers the firing of a mere seven Halos! Had the original twelve rings survived to see use... sterilization would spread far further than most Forerunners ever feared we could reach."
  • "But even with just seven rings, we were able to destroy every sign of the Flood...and every other sentient creature along with it. This victory was the will of our people, despite the fact that it meant our own end as well. But by our pyrrhic measurement, it was a victory, and cleared the stage for the rest of the Librarian's plan."
  • "I sometimes wonder whether the Didact could have succeeded at a much smaller cost. I learned the folly of opposing him personally, and his brilliance was unsurpassed, except perhaps by her own. He never got the chance to fully execute his proposal. The Council saw to that. But if something were to go wrong with one of the Halos, if our tools were ever turned against us... long plans, indeed."
  • "Vexation! 100,000 years of careful maintenance and diligence! 100,000 years protecting the galaxy's future! 100,000 years spent fearing that our sacrifices - my sacrifice - was in vain! And 16 hours after I finally make contact... This so-called Reclaimer decides to blow it all up."
  • "Oh, I am not pleased. Just as I finally discover our plan to save the galaxy succeeded, the ancient enemy is unleashed once more. Why these Reclaimers refuse to follow protocol is quite mystifying. Destroy my Installation, will they?"
  • "I shall renew efforts to make contact with the others rings immediately. This "Covenant" may be useful to me, although I don't think they fully understand what they claim to seek. Still, it makes no difference to me what they believe, as long as they do what must be done. Hmmm... I sound like her!"
  • "Oh, but what I would not give to have even a single company of Prometheans here right now. They would most certainly restore order with their trademark lethality, although...that would mean he would have to be here, too. And without the Librarian around to temper his rage, well... These Reclaimers might almost prefer the Flood."
  • "Quite unacceptable."
  • "Greetings! I am 343 Guilty Spark, monitor of Install-"
  • "Impertinent creature!"
  • "Oh my. Your people have grown so dramatic in the last 100,000 years. But please, no more deaths are required. We will need all the forces we can muster, if the Flood escapes the destruction of my Installation! I must speak to your commander immediately."
  • "Why do you keep calling it a temple? My Installation was a weapon! And one which we needed very, very badly."
  • "Told? By whom? Anyone who told you that is either a fool - or quite, quite mad. That Installation was a beautiful tool, designed to destroy everything the Flood might feed on."
  • "Oh, quite everything. And if even one Flood spore survive the destruction of my ring, than protocol demands that all nearby sentient life must immediately be destroyed. An outbreak of the Flood cannot be allowed to take place. But... I am wasting our time. Surely you know all of this already?"
  • "I will gladly share what I am permitted, but we have little time. What has been unleashed here could soon destroy everything you have ever known."

Halo: Primordium[edit]

  • "What am I, really? A long time ago, I was a living, breathing human being. I went mad. I served my enemies. They became my only friends. Since then, I’ve traveled back and forth across this galaxy, and out to the spaces between galaxies — a greater reach than any human before me. You have asked me to tell you about that time. Since you are the true Reclaimers, I must obey. Are you recording? Good. Because my memory is failing rapidly. I doubt I’ll be able to finish the story. Once, on my birth-world, a world I knew as Erde-Tyrene, and which now is called Earth, my name was Chakas..." - a damaged Guilty Spark to an ONI science team aboard UNSC Rubicon after his recovery from the Ark's remains.
  • "It is too much even now! The Lord of Admirals is not testifying before the true Reclaimer. I am Chakas. I am all that remains of Chakas, and still I am haunted! I give up being Chakas. I withdraw! Please stop your recording, Reclaimer. I am unstable. Exquisitely painful. I am breaking apart. We are all dead, and even our bones are dust!" - Chakas' and Forthencho's personalities struggle for control within 343 Guilty Spark during the monitor's testimony to the crew of Rubicon.
  • "There. That was restful, wasn't it? I do so enjoy being subverted from within. If I can carry more than one memory stream, then I may not be so badly damaged after all. Crazy, but not damaged! But I apologize if our ancestor, or our predecessor (it is so difficult to determine descent and lineage for any human species), has caused you difficulties. For Lord of Admirals and Yprin were very strong individuals in their time, and when Riser and I finally managed to resume our own lives and thoughts, we were wrung out..." - Chakas, upon regaining control to continue his story after Forthencho temporarily subsumes his personality.
  • "You will not die. You will sleep for a time. I have need of all of you."
  • "Know that all that lingered in me, the memories and emotions of old humanity, when I was still flesh, is also hidden deep within you. It slumbers, but it shapes, and it haunts your dreams and your hopes. You and I are brothers in many ways ... not least in that we faced the Didact before, and face him now, and perhaps ever after. This is combat eternal, enmity unslaked, unified by only one thing: our love for the elusive Lifeshaper. Without her, humans would have been extinguished many times over. Both I and the Didact love her to this day. Some say she is dead, that she died on Earth. But that is demonstrably untrue. One of you almost certainly carries Vinnevra and Riser's old spirits within. Only the Lifeshaper can find them and coax my friends back to life. And after a hundred thousand years of exploration and study ... I know where to find her."

Halo: Silentium[edit]

  • "Would I fire Halo, if it were my decision? Not my decision. It has been done, but the effects are out of sequence, smeared in time-ghostly."
  • "Without warning, internal processes already set in motion begin to erase parts of my memory, concealing secrets and hiding my past from me. I strain to prevent this, but it is inevitable. I try to hold on to history, but slowly it fades away, replaced now by my new station - my new purpose. My galaxy is dead. I am machine. I am Chakas. I am human. I am 343 Guilty Spark. I have never understood Forerunners. And they will never understand me. But for now ... Silentium."

Halo: Renegades[edit]

  • "How dare you. You are a speck of dust. A child. One who knows nothing! Imagine a life where everyone you know is gone! Entire races, gone. Entire planets, gone... But that is not enough. No, even your own body is taken from you while you are conscious of it happening. Your entire civilization is wiped out, and you helped initiate the process. Imagine being the only one left! The only one left for a hundred thousand years, and when you finally wake up..."
  • "Your grief is a mote, a tiny grain of sand in an ocean the size of the universe. I did not kill your father, Captain. He chose his own destiny. He had the courage to do what needed to be done. Cry to me after you witness all sentient life in the entire galaxy erased with barely a whisper. Dare to face me then, and say I know nothing of grief."

Nonscripted dialog[edit]

  • "Ow! That feelings. ..Oh, my God, I have feelings?! I'm a real boy!" -If you shoot him with the IWHBYD Skull turned on, in reference to Pinocchio's transformation from a wooden puppet to a "living" boy.
  • "I told you to upgrade your Combat Skin." -If you are killed in Halo 3 while 343 Guilty Spark is in your vicinity.
  • "Maybe you should try playing on 'Easy' before you search for the Cartographer." -If you destroy a Sentinel on the Ark with the IWHBYD Skull turned on.
  • "Maybe you should try playing on 'Easy'?" -To the Master Chief in Halo 3, when killing an ally.
  • "You suck, Reclaimer!" -If you kill an ally on the Ark with or without the IWHBYD Skull on.
  • "I'm being bitch slapped!" -In Halo 3, when he is shot with the IWHBYD Skull turned on.
  • "You're pissing me off! Oh, my. I didn't know I had cursing in my vocal structure." -In Halo 3 when you shoot him. It is a rare occurrence; although the IWHBYD Skull is not necessary.
  • "Are you looking at my ass?" -If you stare at his back for a long period (with the IWHBYD skull turned on).
  • "I wish I had lips. Then, I could whistle." -During idle periods with the IWHBYD Skull turned on.
  • "Oh, I see. You're (a) moron/klutz/clumsy" -When you shoot him with or without the IWHBYD Skull turned on.
  • He starts humming the Halo Theme during idle periods with the IWHBYD Skull turned on.
  • "Is there something in my eye?" -During idle periods with the IWHBYD skull on.
  • "Reclaimer. Finish this particular fight." -When he sees Master Chief.
  • "I'd stay away from that." -When a Flood is infecting a body, possibly need IWHBYD.
  • "Meddler. Good to see you again." -When he sees the Arbiter.
  • "Bullets do not grow on perennial woody plants." -If you shoot him with or without the IWHBYD skull.
  • "Do you think bullets grow on trees?" -If you shoot at him.
  • "Protocol dictates action". -If you betray too many allies while he's close by.
  • "I'm quite impervious" -If you shoot at him (the Ark).
  • "Is this some sort of test?" -If you shoot at him (the Ark).
  • "There you are!" -If you die while playing co-op and come back to life.
  • "I am not the enemy, Reclaimer!" -If you shoot at him. The second time around he repeats this in a very annoyed tone.
  • "Ooh! Is it time for a blue-light special?" -Heard randomly during idle periods with the IWHBYD skull active.
  • "My shields don't deplete" - When you shoot him on the level The Ark.
  • "Reclaimer, why must you be such a dumbass?" -If you shoot him.
  • "Reclaimer, you are being a bitch." -When you shoot several sentinels.
  • "At least try to appear sentient" -When you shoot him or an ally on The Ark.
  • "Oh that's a good idea." -Randomly during The Library.
  • "I am a genius. Hehehehe." -Randomly during The Library.
  • "Where did you get that?" -If the player uses a sentinel beam.
  • "My light cannot be put out." -If you shoot him in the eye, on The Ark
  • "Boy, you are stupid." -If the player kills allies.
  • "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" -If you are killed with Guilty Spark nearby with the IWHBYD skull turned on. In reference to Mary Poppins.
  • "Reclaimer! No!" -If the Player is killed nearby Guilty Spark, in Halo 3, on the Ark.