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"How I wished we had a Unggoy Deacon that could have taken my place. I felt less than a warrior."
— 'Telram about how low he considers himself.[2]

Val 'Telram is a male Sangheili warrior who served in the Covenant as part of the crew of the Syfon-pattern assault carrier Enduring Conviction, under Shipmaster Let 'Volir. Following the Great Schism, 'Telram remained loyal to 'Volir and served as an Honor Guard in his crew as they fought against the Covenant. In 2553, 'Saham alongside the rest of 'Volir's crew, swore loyalty to the Banished, a faction led by the Jiralhanae warlord Atriox.


Covenant War[edit]

Val 'Telram served in the Covenant fleet aboard the Syfon-pattern assault carrier Enduring Conviction, under the command of Sangheili Shipmaster Let 'Volir during the Human-Covenant War.[1] Following the Great Schism, a major civil conflict between forces loyal to the Covenant against the ousted Sangheili, 'Telram remained loyal to 'Volir[1] and continued to serve as an Honor Guard aboard the Enduring Conviction[1] as part of a larger Sangheili fleet.[3]

Serving the Banished[edit]

"My ability to communicate with the Huragoks, the sign language and the patience required to learn it, quickly isolated me from my own kind. While my brothers fought in battle, I was to work with the Huragoks to secure resources and unlock ancient technology."
— 'Telram about his role on the Banished.[2]

Some time before May 6, 2553, 'Volir broke away from the Sangheili fleet[3] and he and his crew, including 'Telram, pledged their loyalty to the Jiralhanae warlord Atriox and his splinter faction known as the Banished.[4]

On November 25, 2558,[5] the Banished arrived at Forerunner Installation 00, also known as "the Ark," and proceeded to raid the United Nations Space Command research outposts on the surface.[5]

Over the next few months, the Banished established their presence across the Ark. During this time, 'Telram was separated from the rest of the Enduring Conviction's crew because of his fluency on translating Huragok sign language, and was forcibly assigned to working with other Huragoks to secure resources and unlock Forerunner technology.[2]

Encounter with the Spirit of Fire[edit]

"The Jiralhanae look with disgust as I work with Floats Low as they fear what they do not understand, but they cannot hide their awe at the results. The Ship seems to grow and rebuild itself from the very launch system, a spear to drive deep into the heart of our enemies."
— 'Telram about the Despair-class fighter and his dreams of vengeance.[2]

On March 28, 2559, the UNSC Spirit of Fire arrived by slipspace portal at the Ark and battle soon broke out between the two groups.

In April 2559, 'Telram was overseeing a group of Huragok when he watched helplessly via hologram the destruction of the Enduring Conviction by the Ark's Aggressor Sentinels. The destruction of the ship he called home angered him greatly.[2]

One month later, 'Telram was assigned to an operation led by the mysterious Mgalekgolo known as Colony to seek out Forerunner weapons, and they managed to find a design seed of a Forerunner Despair-class fighter. 'Telram was assigned to watch over and communicate with one of Colony's Huragok named Floats Low But Steady. Within the span of a day, 'Telram watched Floats Low 'talk' to the ship and the launching systems that hold it, but he wasn't able to translate some of the words Floats Low said.[2]

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