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Utu 'Gusonee was a Sangheili obedientary that served on the Sacred Whisper, an intrusion corvette and the flagship of the Bloodstar Flotilla, an offshoot of the Covenant's Fleet of Inexorable Obedience. He and another obedientary served under Shipmaster Hulon 'Budyasee, overseeing the operations of the ten readers that made up the rest of the bridge crew.[1]


Sacred Whisper[edit]

Utu 'Gusonee was aboard the Sacred Whisper when the Bloodstar Flotilla left the human colony of Etalan for the Kolaqoa system.[2][1] Their mission was to meet with human insurrectionists in an ice quarry on Biko's moon of Seoba, with the intent to gather whatever intelligence regarding the United Nations Space Command that they could. While the rebels hoped that they could buy their safety with this information, First Blade Tel 'Szatulai was ordered by Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee and the Minor Minister of Artifact Survey to eliminate the humans the moment their usefulness wanes.[1]

Encountering Task Force Yama[edit]

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When the flotilla arrived near Biko on March 19, 2526, 'Gusonee was on the Sacred Whisper's bridge, supervising a team of five readers. Tel 'Szatulai was standing in the forward observation blister when he witnessed numerous human stealth vessels rising from Seoba. However, none of the corvette's sensors could detect these vessels, and therefore none of the readers had informed 'Szatulai or the shipmaster. After summoning Hulon 'Budyasee to witness these craft leaving the moon, 'Szatulai questioned one of the readers as 'Budyasee questioned 'Gusonee and the other obedientary. The reader showed 'Szatulai that his readings did not suggest any human vessels on Seoba's surface. 'Szatulai informed him of the spacecraft he observed rising into space, which the reader then exclaimed to be impossible without their sensors picking them up. 'Gusonee suggested that the humans might be utilizing a cloaking field similar to the kind being researched by the Covenant's own Mudoat Path Works. The First Blade shot down this notion, saying that the humans had no manner of energy barrier at their disposal and that even if they did, they would still be able to detect them after they launched. Once he realized that the UNSC had more advanced cloaking systems than even his own vessels, 'Szatulai ordered 'Budyasee to fire on the quarry, hoping to cripple one of the vessels so that it could be recovered and investigated.[1]

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