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This article is about the cancelled Bungie project. For the unrelated Japanese video game franchise, see Wikipedia's Monster Hunter article.
Monster Hunter



Cancellation date:

Early 2002


Monster Hunter was the codename of a cancelled video game briefly under development at Bungie. It was developed by the team formerly known as Bungie West, who had produced Oni in 2001, but was cancelled in early 2002.[1] Little is known about the setting or theme of the game.

After shipping Oni in early 2001, the Bungie West team was recruited to help complete development of Halo: Combat Evolved, in particular its multiplayer component. They had been promised that after completing development on Combat Evolved, they would be allowed to develop any game they wanted to, and so began work on Monster Hunter after Combat Evolved shipped. However, in early 2002, almost immediately after the decision was made to produce a sequel to Combat Evolved, the Monster Hunter project was cancelled and its project lead, Hardy LeBel, was reassigned to the Phoenix project, while the rest of the team were merged into the Halo 2 team.[1][2]