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Brian Jarrard and Rob Stokes
"It was brought to our attention at Bungie that there are lots of fans out here in Asia, and I’ve never been to Singapore. Being based in the states makes us US-centric, so it’s good to be able to travel around and show our support to all the fans out there."
— Brian Jarrard

Brian Jarrard, aka Sketch or Ske7ch, is the community manager at 343 Industries and the former Community Lead at Jarrard was employed at Bungie LLC for more than a decade. In 2016, he returned to Microsoft to once again take the lead as Halo community manager.[1]

As the Bungie community manager his job involved wearing a lot of hats, including ensuring the well-being of Bungie at large, being the evangelist and spreading the Bungie love to the community; basically acting as the conduit between the development team and Bungie's fan base. His responsibility was also in merchandise licensing, meaning he ensured the quality control of Bungie's Action Figures, books and fan-related sites.


  • He has never been to Canada, although his best friend in college was a "pure-blood Canadian".
  • Brian on a typical day at Bungie:

For me, a typical day begins with my morning 'rounds' - I check up on the various fan sites and see what's new in the community and what's happening in the various forums around the net. I keep tabs throughout the day as time permits. The rest of my day is pretty typical stuff. You know - meetings to talk about Halo 2 launch plans, jumping in for the occasional multiplayer gameplay session to give feedback the new , downloading the latest single player build to play through , talking about the logo and packaging, discussing and it's relationship to, etc... Just your normal every day meetings.

Bio (from 2008)[edit]

Nickname: Sketch

Classification: OldSkool (Old School)

Current Job: Community Guy

Origin: Florida

Blood Type: Red

Age: 31

Weight: Too much

Height: Tallish

Girth: Hearty

First Job: Classified

Hobby: Games!

Ultimate Halo Match: Shotgun - no shield CTF on Battle Creek

Ultimate Snack: Mmmm...snacks...

Ultimate Website: Classified

Best.Show.Ever: The Simpsons

Fake Weapon: Classified

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