M6H magnum/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

Campaign and Spartan Ops[edit]

  • Like other M6 models the M6H is very proficient at taking down unshielded enemies with a headshot.
  • You start most levels with one, and its the first weapon you get in the campaign. It provides effective low-tier enemy cleaning power and effective ammunition preservation for most of the levels it shows up in. Using it to pick off Grunts, Jackals, and Crawlers with well-executed headshots can thin hordes of foes in seconds and save heavier weaponry for the larger foes. This is especially useful in Spartan Ops, when waves of enemies can come at you from literally everywhere.
  • It outright does more damage than the single shots of a Boltshot, and is more accurate. However, its damage against shielded or beefier enemies (especially Knights) is negligible.


  • The M6H is a six shot kill with good accuracy and a decent rate of fire and range making it the ideal sidearm for multiplayer.
  • As with most other Halo games, the Magnum serves as the go-to headshot weapon for those running a standard weapon mix. Loadouts make this slightly less important (since you can start with another precision weapon in most game modes), but the reliability and power of the M6H compaired to the Boltshot and Plasma Pistol make it an excellent choice, especially if you happen to run something other than a precision weapon in your primary slot.
  • Its small reticle, small screen size, and ease of use make it a good choice in SWAT.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]



  • The M6H2 is a five shot kill and has consistently high accuracy, allowing two kills per full magazine. Though its fire rate is slow compared to the M6H, it proves a generally more reliable weapon than most previous incarnations of the weapon.
  • Unlike the M6H, the M6H2 lacks a KFA-2 x2 making the player rely on Smart scope. With only 1.5x zoom players should not attempt to take down enemies wielding weapons like the BR85 battle rifle, M395 DMR, or LightRifle at long range.
  • Although many players tend to use it as a primary weapon instead of the MA5D assault rifle due to its headshot capability, the M6H2 performs poorly in close quarters due to its slow fire rate and low aim assist. It is instead recommended for mid-range usage.
  • Warzone features the Extended Magazine variant, which increases the magazine size to 24 rounds and increases reserve accordingly; the Gunfighter variant, which removes the smart-scope feature and features a faster fire rate with a lower range; and the Tactical variant (effectively the SOCOM variant of the H2) that features a silencer, 2× smart-scope, and match-grade armor piercing ammunition.